Patch 1.0.5 will release tuesday morning | One step closer to PVP

Blizzard are bringing down the PTR tonight and will roll out the patch tuesday morning, US-time. This was confirmed by Lylirra 8 hours ago:

Diablo 3 patch 1.0.5 release tuesday
Patch 1.0.5 will finally release. Prepare yourself for wiping on MP10!

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How to get the Hellfire Ring in Diablo 3

How to get the Hellfire Ring in Diablo 3

Updated February 2015:

With Reaper of Souls coming out, the process of getting the Hellfire ring has changed a little, but not much!

Let me say up front, that it is no longer worth your time trying to craft it. Unless of course you are a completionist, then by all means go ahead!

Here are the steps for crafting the new Hellfire ring:

Step 1: Gathering the keys

You need to gather 4 keys which drop from 4 keywardens.

  • Odeg drops the Key of Bones in Act 1 – Fields of Misery
  • Sokahr drops the Key of Gluttony in Act 2 – Dahlgur Oasis
  • Xah’Rith drops the Key of War in Act 3 – Stonefort
  • Nekarat drops the Key of Evil in Act 4 – Silver Spire

They keys only drop on Torment 1 or above difficulty and the plans for the Infernal Machine drops alongside them.

Step 2: Crafting the Infernal Machines

In order to craft an Infernal Machine, you need one each of the 4 keys.

There are 4 Infernal Machines that lead to a different realm each:

  • Infernal Machine of Bones leads to the Realm of Discord, where Leoric’s Signet drops from the King of the Dead and the Merciless Witch
  • Infernal Machine of War leads to the Realm of Turmoil, where the Idol of Terror drops.
  • Infernal Machine of Gluttony leads to the Realm of Chaos, where the Vial of Putridness drops.
  • Infernal Machine of Evil leads to the realm of fright, where the Heart of Evil drops.

Step 3: Crafting the Ring

Squirt the Peddler in Act 2 sells the plans for new and the old Hellfire ring. The new ring costs 5 million gold.

The ring costs 50000 gold to craft and it rolls with a 45% bonus to experience and a proc for a fire ring that deals 200% weapon damage.

In addition to this it rolls with 5 random stats, that are affected by smart loot.

Step 4: Find another ring instead of this crap :)

There are so many other legendary rings out there, so in the process of getting the Hellfire Ring….you have probably found another ring with better stats….so wear that!

Be sure to check out my diablo 3 leveling guide if you are working on leveling an alt!

Below is the old description for getting the Hellfire ring.

Old version of the hellfire ring – not up to date!

A couple of days ago, I wrote about crafting the Infernal Machine and how to find the keywardens.

With an Infernal Machine, you are ready to enter three different realms, where each realm contains 2 uberbosses. These uberbosses drop loot and they also have a a chance to drop parts for the Hellfire Ring. A new awesome ring introduced in patch 1.0.5.
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Diablo 3 crafting the Infernal Machine | Where are the keywardens?

Last week I talked about the new patch 1.0.5 and how it would introduce the Infernal Machine and Monster Power to Diablo 3.

As some astute readers will have noticed, there was a slight omission in that quick write-up, but fear not….I have done some research and done a quick guide to crafting your very own Infernal Machine.
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Diablo 3 Infernal Machine and monster power

With the official patch notes for 1.0.5 out, we can start to get a glimpse of what the next patch brings us. While patch 1.0.5 doesn’t as exciting as patch 1.0.4, it does bring a few exciting things to the table. Gameplaywise we are getting tweaks to difficulty and a bit of new endgame via the Infernal Machine.
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Diablo 3 paragon leveling guide

Fast Paragon leveling in Diablo 3

Update February 2015:

With Reaper of Souls out, the Paragon system has changed significantly. There is little reason to focus on leveling Paragon since levels are totalled across characters.

Instead you should focus on running bounties and (Greater) Rifts to gear up and then paragon levels will follow by themselves.

I am working on a complete paragon/gearing guide, but until then follow this very rough guide:

  • Run bounties until you have geared up sufficiently to run rifts at T1 at a good speed (2-4 shotting normal white thrash, able to easily kill elite packs).
  • Run rifts to gear up more and gather Trial Key Stones.
  • Once you have geared enough to run Greater Rifts at level 10 or over, then run a mix of rifts and greater rifts to continually gear up.
  • Once you are able to run T6 solo easily, then start looking for public T6 groups and greater rifts.

If you are working from scratch on a new account, then follow this leveling guide for fast leveling.

Below is the old paragon leveling guide, which is a bit outdated!

Old paragon leveling guide ->

Patch and patch notes for patch 1.0.4 is out and what a patch!

The auction house was improved, elite packs got easier, loot got buffed, classes got buffed and most importantly: paragon levels were introduced!

The 100 paragon levels make sure, that even if your loot sucks at the end of a farming run, you will still have gained quite a bit of paragon XP, so you still have something to show for your time. But how do you level paragon levels fast?
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Diablo 3 paragon level system in patch 1.0.4

Patch 1.0.4 introduces hero levels: the Paragon system

The patch 1.0.4 hype machine has been going non-stop for the last two weeks. One thing is all the 1.0.4 changes to the classes that have been announced, another are the huge buffs to legendary items or the system changes to loot, mob health and enrage timers. Those were enough to get me excited about patch 1.0.4….but there is so much more to it; including a new endgame!
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Patch 1.0.4 legendary item improvements

Legendary item buffs in patch 1.0.4 look good!

In a blog post today Blizzard revealed a bit more about their upcoming rework of the legendary system. They are both buffing stats, adding more effects and spiffing up the look of the items. It looks like all weapons gain some sort of particle effect, which is pretty awesome.

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Diablo 3 patch 1.0.4 systems preview

Patch 1.0.4 changes classes, grouping, mobs, weapons and difficulty!

As I mentioned yesterday, in the preview of a preview of patch 1.0.4 post, these next few weeks will see a slew of official blog posts coming out about the next big patch.

Today a post about the systems changes came, and it is very interesting reading material!
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Dye colors in Diablo 3

What do dye colors look like in D3?

This should give you the answer! All the different dyes in a handy chart. Perfect for when you want to know how your next make over should be. - Diablo 3 dye colours
Dying your armor can be a daunting task. Not so anymore with this handy color chart that shows all the dye colors in Diablo 3

It’s always important to look good, especially when you are out slaying demonic minions.

This is why your loot sucks in Diablo 3

How does loot roll its stats? And what can Blizzard do to make it more fun?

Kripparian just released a video explaining how the loot is rolled in the game and how that affects your loot. All too often your loot ends up being vendored or just not picked up, and that takes away from the whole game-experience. When you have a game, where the endgame is entirely based on getting better and better loot, until you have best-in-slot-gear in every slot, you really need a well-functioning loot-system. Not a system where 99% of the drops are useless and the 1% is godly.

There are a few ways to make this work, and there are ways to not make it work. The interesting thing is what is Blizzard going to go for?
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