Elemental damage armor in Diablo 3

Continuing on with the elemental damage gear from my earlier post about elemental damage legendary weapons, this time we take a look at what armor pieces can be used to buff your character’s unseen DPS.

One thing is having a high DPS on your character sheet, another is what kind of DPS you are actually doing. Anyone can take a piece of gear and see whether their DPS gets higher or lower. If they are smart, they also look at how their defensive stats are affected, and if they are really smart, they look at their skills and playstyle before deciding on an upgrade. But then there is the unseen DPS, that isn’t mentioned anywhere. That’s what elemental damage is all about.

Which gear buffs your elemental damage in D3?

Compared to weapons that buffed your lightning damage and other things, you would expect there to be a lot of gear that did the same. There is, but surprisingly not that much; only 7 pieces of legendary gear gives you unmeasured DPS increases on the elemental scale. And two of those are pretty wizard specific.

There are two stats we are interested in: +elemental damage and +damage to elemental-based skills. The first is usually “+5-6% to lightning damage”. This is applied to your black weapon damage. So if you have a weapon damage of 100 and add 6% lightning damage, your weapon does 106 damage. This can add up quickly, so it can be a really good stat. An even better stat, can be the “+20-30% damage to lightning based skills”. Basically you do more damage with your skills that deal this kind of damage.

Elemental damage gear for wizards – Storm Crow and Frostburn Gauntlets

First up we have Storm Crow:

diablo 3 lightning damage storm crow wizard
Storm Crow is a very underrated piece of head gear for running a lightning build. Thus you can have it for cheap!

Storm Crow is a wizard hat, that adds 7-8% to lightning damage, increases damage against elites by 3-4%, has a 20-40% proc to cast a fireball and it has LOH.

On top of this it can spawn with some decent stats and crits gain you arcane power….but if you are running a lightning build, that is most likely not of concern to you.

Now since, it doesn’t have a socket, there aren’t CM/WW stats on it and the stats it can spawn with are in the lower end of the spectrum, they are really cheap. But what you lack in stats, you gain in the extra 10-12% of uncharted damage. The stats are then just a nice bonus. And it has LOH and a proc. Personlaly I would actually have prefered life regen, since I run around a lot and let lightning armor do the work for me, but that’s just my playstyle. All in all, it’s a nice helmet for lightning wizards.

diablo 3 cold damage frostburn gauntlets wizard
Frostburn Gauntlets are for the cold wizards, but they are a huge part of their arsenal.

Frostburn Gauntlets are cold specific, but they give a huge boost to damage here. 5-6% extra cold damage and 15-30% extra damage from cold skills. On top of this it has pickup radius, which is just nice to have. Since it doesn’t spawn with stats at all, you can get a pair that does 6% cold damage and +30% cold skill damage for next to nothing.

So if you want to try your hand at a cold build on the cheap, then these are a must-have.

Amulets and rings that boost elemental/elite damage

Tal Rasha’s Allegiance and Stone of Jordan can both roll different elemental damage affixes. Tal Rasha can roll 6 different in the 5-6% range and Stone of Jordan can roll the same.

diablo 3 tal rasha's allegiance elemental damage
High INT, crit damage and 5-6% elemental damage makes Tal Rasha’s Allegiance stand out. However, the fact that it rolls with INT, VIT and crit damage also makes it pricey.

However, Stone of Jordan also has the massive advantage of being able to roll between 20-30% extra damage against Elites.

diablo 3 stone of jordan damage against elites lightning damage
The extra 20-30% damage against elites is huge on Stone of Jordan
diablo 3 stone of jordan elemental lightning damage percent
…and Stone of Jordan can also roll 5-6% elemental damage as well. Pretty sweet!

Stone of Jordan can also roll skill specific affixes, so you can boost your electrocute damage as a wizard. This is also the case for Skull Grasp:

diablo 3 skull grasp elemental skill damage
LOH, IAS and medium stats and one of 58 skill specific affixes. Because of the medium stats and low LOH and IAS, Skull Grasp isn’t that expensive.

It’s not as sexy as Stone of Jordan, but it is cheap as chips. However, you can also get cheap Stone of Jordans and the 20-30% elite damage is a huge factor. But at the prices you can buy these for….give them both a go!

diablo 3 mara's kaleidoscope lightning skill damage
Mara’s Kaleidoscope can also 1 out of 58 affixes. On top of this it can roll pretty much everything else. That’s kinda the thing with the Kaleidoscope!

Mara’s Kaleidoscope can also roll one of 58 affixes. It can also roll medium stats for everything and a decent AR. On top of this it rolls 3 different magic properties. Depending on the 3 props, it can be an expensive Mara or a cheap one. If it rolls perfect trifecta stats, it’s unpayable. If it rolls sucky stats, practically free!

Finally, we have Zunimassa’s Trail:

Diablo 3 zunimassa's trail poison damage witch doctor
Zunimassa’s Trail usually makes people think of witch doctors, but the added poison damage does work for everyone. It is just extra damage, so don’t pass these up.

These boots add poison damage and can be really awesome depending on how the two 2 props roll. 12% movement speed is a must and the 2 and 3 set bonus is pretty good as well.

So there you have it. The final round up of off the chart DPS. If you haven’t already, then swing by and read the first part on legendary elemental damage weapons, then head on over the Diablo3 Farming FB group for daily updates on awesome Diablo 3 stuff.

5 thoughts on “Elemental damage armor in Diablo 3”

  1. First off. Thanks for the information you provide here. Im always on this site. Talking about elemental damage.. Im planning on making a fire witch doctor. So a tals ammy with tals armor with fire elemental boost would boost my fire damage right? 2 of that set adds a additional 3% fire damage. Also a fire damage SOJ. And a Echoing Fury because its a black weapon. Sound right and beastly to you? Lol

  2. Why do you write the following: “Zunimassa’s Trail is of limited use to elemental builds, since it only affects poison. Witch Doctor’s will love it, though!”

    That is not correct!

    It adds the damage to the black damage of your weapon it has nothing to do with poison skills or it would have said “Poison skills deal 7-8% more damage”.

  3. Hi, nice article and niceblog.

    I am myself a wizard with close to 700 hours clocked (approaching para 70 atm).
    I couldn’t help but choke when reading what you said in the tooltip of zunimassa’s trail. Their elemental damage affix affects ALL KIND OF DAMAGE , and not just poison, unlike the lightning affix on storm crow and the cold affix of frostburn.

  4. Any of the stats that “Add +% Damage to {elemental} Damage” actually DO SHOW UP on the DPS screen. Try it out… find a armor piece with identical stats (without the +% damage) and switch it out… the elemental damage definitely DOES SHOW UP.

    The only time it DOESN’T show up, is when it is for elemental SKILL damage, or for a specific class skill.

    And of course the zunimassa thing, but that was most likely an oversight.

    Take care ;)

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