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With the new monster power settings in patch 1.0.5, and the Keywardens of D3, and the ability to farm Hellfire Rings, the game difficulty has once again changed. Pretty much since launch, it has become easier to farm Inferno and that didn’t really change with patch 1.0.5. However, seeing as pre-1.0.5 Inferno is about as difficult as current MP3-4 Inferno, are you better off running a lower monster power setting or a higher if you are after maximum farming per hour?

Most efficient monster power setting for farming?

I have always believed that speed is essential for farming at peak effiency. But is this also the case with monster power? You do get a bonus to magic find and bonus items at the higher levels, but is it enough to off-set the fact, that the mobs take so much longer to kill? Turns out it isn’t!

On a recent forum post on Diablo IncGamers a user has crunched the numbers and quantified farming.

Basically farming is two things: killing things and not-killing things. The more time you spend killing things, the more loot you will get. Depending on your goals, killing things includes killing white trash mobs. If you are farming for gold, then you want to kill white mobs. If you are farming for gear, then you don’t necessarily want to kill all white mobs, but are more interested in the elite packs.

The forum post then goes on to set up a function to describe farming. With a function you can then calculate the downtime you have at the various monster power settings. In this function is of course DPS and when your DPS goes up, so does the time spent not DPSing, since you kill things faster, but the distance between things is the same and takes the same time to run. So the more DPS you have, the more downtime you will also have at the lower settings. As you move up in monster power settings, then the mobs health and defence will also increase

Long story short (read the forum post for the complete breakdown of the mathing), you are best off farming at monster power 0 for act 3, and monster power 1 for act 1 and act 2. If you have insane gear, you might be able to bump up the monster power setting to 2 or 3, but anything above MP4 is a step back.

diablo 3 which monster power to farm
This is the minimum downtime yo ushould be at, at a given MP. If you have more downtime (ie. not DPSing), then you should move up a level.

It all depends on your minimum downtime at a certain monster power setting. If you have more downtime than indicated in your current monster power setting in the chart below, then you should move up a level.

There are two columns: 0DT and 300DT. The number refers to your MF and the DT is simply downtime. So if you are running MP 2 with 300MF, you should only advance to MP3 if you have a downtime of 89.4% or more.

That takes a lot of DPS! So as I said, most people are better running MP0 and 1.

When it comes to keyfarming, you are better off running at a higher MP setting. MP5 seems to be the most efficient for most people. With keyfarming, you aren’t after loot per se, so you are only after the keywarden. You do want elites for the 5 NV, but other than that, you just want to get a shot at the key and that is it.

Farming routes for act 1 and act 2

With this knowledge, you are ready to go farm. Use the act 1 farming guide or the act 2 farming guide for this very purpose!

And swing by the Diablo3 Farming FB page and join the discussions and the daily updates over there!

7 thoughts on “Which monster power level to farm? | Speed is king”

  1. Can anyone specify where (which act) I would farm if I am looking
    for a Manjuma’s Carving knife. I know to farm normal act 2 for Leorics ring,
    but where do I farm for Manajuma’s Carving knife? And I can farm inferno up
    to mp4. Thanks

  2. always wondered what the bonus items are? most of the time i play on mp4 and havent noticed any bonus item..and on mp4 u have 24% chance to get one! please help!

    1. I think this means the items you get that are not blue quality. Ive noticed that on MP 1-10 that i randomly get a yellow or legendary from packs without Nephelam buff at 5 stacks

  3. Thank you very much for this great guide. I hope this may again enhance my interest and experience with the game, since my gear is so so and I’m quite weak in higher levels. Could you please fix the link to the act 1 farming guide at the end of the article, which actually points to the act 2 farming guide? Thank you!

  4. Although this is true for farming gold/items it is not true for farming keys/organs. If you are farming keys/organs the higher the monster power the better because with each monster power you get a 10% increase in chances for organs/keys to drop. So if you play on mp10 you will get a 100% chance at a key/organ and that could save you from having to do the run hundreds of times trying to get a key. However remember that you MUST have full NV for keys/organs to drop.

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