Diablo 3 crafting the Infernal Machine | Where are the keywardens?

Last week I talked about the new patch 1.0.5 and how it would introduce the Infernal Machine and Monster Power to Diablo 3.

As some astute readers will have noticed, there was a slight omission in that quick write-up, but fear not….I have done some research and done a quick guide to crafting your very own Infernal Machine.

A guide to crafting the Infernal Machine by killing the keywardens

There are two main components in the crafting process of the Inferno Machine:

  • 3 keys: The key of Destruction, The key of Hate, and The key of Terror
  • 1 plan for the Inferno Machine

There is one component per act in the game. In acts 1-3 the keys drop and in act 4 the plans for the machine drop.

With regards to droprate, it depends on the monster power setting. Each setting gives you a 10% drop rate for a component on a keywarden. So if you kill a keywarden on monsterpower level 5, you have a 50% chance of a machine component. If you have the MP on power level 10, then the drop is guaranteed.

Nephalem Valor has something to say as well. A full 5 stack of NV is needed to even get the keys to drop. So if you are going to farm the keys, then get a full 5 stack before you hit a keywarden.

Act 1 keywarden – Odeg the Keywarden

This handsome gentleman spawns in Fields of Misery at a random spot in the fields.

Diablo 3 Odeg the keywarden Field of Misery

Odeg spawns a random place in the Fields of Misery and is the first step to crafting your very own Infernal Machine!

He drops the Key of Destruction:

Diablo 3 key of Destruction Odeg the keywarden

Key of Destruction from Odeg the Keywarden.

Act 2 Keywarden – Sokahr the Keywarden

Sokahr spawns randomly in Dahlgur Oasis:

diablo 3 Sokahr the keywarden

Sokahr the Keywarden is a dervish type mob and spawns randomly around the map.

He drops the Key of Hate:

Diablo 3 Key of hate Sokahr the keywarden

Sokahr drops the key of Hate, the second key for the Infernal Machine

Act 3 keywarden – Xah’Rith the Keywarden

Xah’Rith drops the final component for the Infernal Machine. He can be found on Stonefort, atop the keep, at the beginning of Act 3. It seems that patch 1.0.5 also introduces a few more elite spawns to this area, since they are now 4-6 elite packs, compared to the previous 2-4 packs. A nice little addition, which really makes this one of the new good farming places for act 3.

Diablo 3 act 3 xah'rith xahrith the keywarden

Xah’Rith spawns on Stonefort. Again at a random spot, but with the added elite packs in patch 1.0.5 to this area, this is also a really place to farm.

Xah’Rith drops the final key; the Key of Terror.

Diablo 3 Key of terror Xah'rith xahrith the keywarden

Xah’Rith drops the final key to the Infernal Machine; the Key of Terror.

Act 4 Keywarden – Nekarat the Keywarden

Nekarat spawns in Silver Spire level 1:

Diablo 3 keywarden act 4 Nekarat

Nekarat the Keywarden is your final stop in order to complete your very own Infernal Machine

As mentioned earlier, he drops the plans for the Infernal Machine:

Diablo 3 Infernal Machine plan Nekarat the Keywarden

With the plans for the InfernalMachine in hand, you are now ready for the next step.

Crafting the Infernal Machine

In order to craft the Machine, you need the three keys, the plans, a level 10 Blacksmith, and 12,000 gold. This shouldn’t be a problem for most. This will leave you with an Infernal Machine in your pocket.

Diablo 3 infernal machine crafting

Crafting the Machine is cheap, but it could take time if you don’t have the gear for farming the keywardens at the higher monster power levels.

Using the Infernal Machine

Using the Machine requires you to start in act 1 on the quest called “Return to New Tristram”. In town near the TP, there is a house called the “Heretic’s Abode”. Enter here and you can activate the Infernal Machine and you will call forth a portal to one of three realms: Chaos, Discord, Turmoil. Please note that each Infernal Machine is a one-time use only!

In each realm you will find 2 uber bosses at once. Opening a portal opens it to a random realm, so the only way to guarantee you aren’t going to the same realm with each Infernal Machine, is to open 3 portals at once, which will then go to three different realms.

Depending on the monster power setting, your MF and your Nephalem Valor, these bosses also drop parts to complete a Hellfire ring, a new craftable in patch 1.0.5. I will delve further in to how to get your own Hellfire ring in an article later this week. These uber bosses drop components for the Hellfire Ring.

Want more? Check out the Diablo3Farming Facebook group with daily updates and 1400+ members.

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30 thoughts on “Diablo 3 crafting the Infernal Machine | Where are the keywardens?

  1. You made a mistake on 1 key thing with the drop rates and NV stacks. According to Blizz you HAVE to have 5NV stacks before even a drop is considered, MP only has the chance for upto 100$ chance to drop with MP10 & NV stacks giving 100% guaranteed drop. Without 5NV stacks you get nothing, that’s what I read in the patch notes anyway nd a following Interview write up article somewhere that came out recently.

  2. So, I have been through the festering woods 4 times now at 5 NV and no Odeg. Is their something else I have to do to spawn him?

  3. I have killed Sokahr the Keywarden 5 times now… 5 stacks of NV at 10 monster power.. no key drop.. have things changed?

    • i read that it may take up to 10-15 times to get it to drop, ive already done 5 runs consecutively with MP10 and Valor 5 and nothing yet…

    • True! I was thinking of Stonefort, but my brain decided to call it the Battlements.

      thanks for pointing it out. I have corrected it in the article :)

  4. so far with NV5 and MP2 i am 100% on drops with the first two keys both coming the first time that i have searched the zone for the keywardens

  5. If you try the uberbosses on MP10 and fail, can you leave the game and switch to it an easier MP level or does the portal disappear when you leave the game?


    • That is my question exactly. So far I have not read anywhere that says it has to be in inferno. Yet, I have killed quite a few keywardens on nightmare with NV 5 and MP 10. – no key. I might be able to play on MP 2 in Inferno, but that would give me only 20% chance, and I haven’t even made it past Belial yet. Do you have to start at normal, act 1, perhaps?

      • This took me awhile also. I think I farmed Act 2 about 10 times with 300+ MF and 5NV stacks with MP2

        Trick to make it easier is crap ton of Resist gear. My base resist is a bit over 1200 on each one.

        Now farming Act 3 for 3rd key.

        Good Luck

  6. Act 4 Keywarden – Nekarat the Keywarden Keeps dropping keys instead of plans. What am I doing wrong? I am so confused.

  7. I have found that you cannot open all three at the same time. Only 1 at a time and you have to log out then start over again

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