Diablo 3 monster power levels explained

Just quick update today, but from next week we are back to a normal schedule!

I wrote about Monster power earlier in my article about the D3 infernal machine and monster power levels and while patch 1.0.5 doesn’t look to be quite as big a change as patch 1.0.4 was, there will be a lot of changes.

Defensive changes, but also changes to loot and gameplay are the order of the day in the next patch.

Patch 1.0.5 brings Monster Power levels: more loot and XP

Basically you can tweak the difficulty of the mobs and in return get more MF/GF and more XP on level 1-59.

This PTR video explains in detail how the power levels differ and what bonuses they will give:

The question now is, when will the patch hit? I don’t think we will see it this upcoming tuesday, but chances are very good, that the 9th of October will be patch day.

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