Diablo 3 Infernal Machine and monster power

With the official patch notes for 1.0.5 out, we can start to get a glimpse of what the next patch brings us. While patch 1.0.5 doesn’t as exciting as patch 1.0.4, it does bring a few exciting things to the table. Gameplaywise we are getting tweaks to difficulty and a bit of new endgame via the Infernal Machine.

Patch 1.0.5 up on PTR brings info on Infernal Machine and Monster Power

The Infernal Machine is probably the biggest thing in the next patch. Of course, we also have all the changes to defensive stats, but that isn’t really terribly exciting.

The Infernal Machine allows you to summon uberbosses; high-powered versions of bosses you encounter during the acts.

Diablo 3 infernal machine uberbosses
The Infernal machine allows you to summon beefier versions of bosses you have already encountered.

These bosses drop better loot and have a different loot table from the rest of the game, so you can get loot from tham, that you can’t get anywhere else in the game.

Like the Staff of Herding to get to Whimsyshire, you need to craft the infernal machine. Unlike the Staff of Herding, the components to form the device isn’t worlddrops, but boss drops from Keywardens spread out through all the acts. There is a Keywarden in act 2, 3, and 4:

These Keywardens drop keys, that are used to form the device at the Blacksmith. However, you also need a recipe for the device, which drops from the Keywarden in Act 4. So to form the Infernal Device, you need the recipe, a key of Destruction, a key of Hate, a key of Terror and 12,000 gold.

Check out this article for a full guide to the Infernal Machine in Diablo 3.

Please note that the keys aren’t guaranteed drops and the recipe is even less of a guaranteed drop. Which brings me to the other big thing in the new patch: Monster Power.

Patch 1.0.5 brings us Monster Power

The new patch will allow you to tweak the power of monsters throughout the game. The power level goes from 0 to 10, with 0 being the lowest setting and 10 the highest. No surprise here!

In a recent interview on PCgamer Jay Wilson and Wyatt Cheng talk about the new monster power setting. The current difficulty of Inferno sits around 2-3 on the new monster power level scale, but you can set the power to 0 and still receive the same rewards as now. The only thing a higher power level does, is to give you more magic find and gold find, and it doesn’t change to level of the items dropped. So Act 1 Inferno will still have a much lower drop chance for iLvl 63 than act 3, even on power level 10. However, with a monsterpower setting of 10, you can reach a MF/GF of 525% with a full NV stack. A higher MP gives you more MF/GF, but not more items directly per se. You do get the chance of a bonus item from white mobs, and this chance does increase the higher the monster power. Only at MP10 will you have a 100% chance of an extra item. A couple of days ago, I write an article about this: patch 1.0.5, monster power and bonus items.

From various livestreams from the PTR, we can see, that farming the Keywardens on monsterpower 10 with a full NV stack and wearing MF gear enough to reach the 300% cap, means that you are almost guaranteed a key drop.

Patch 1.0.5 potential moneymakers

The patch notes are a pretty hefty pile this time around, because of all the changes to the defensive stats. But there are also a few potential moneymakers in there as well.

patch 1.0.5 making money by crafting
Patch 1.0.5 brings some minor changes to crafting that could have huge implications!

The ability to combine crafting materials to the next highest tier will have a pretty big effect on the commodities market. The following has been proven false. You can’t combine tears to firey brimstone. You can’t combine anything to firey brimstone. So boo-hoo.On the EU AH Iridescent tears are selling for around 100 gold, while Infernal Essences are selling for 50k gold. If you can combine to Iridescent Tears to form an Infernal Essence something needs to shift!

I believe two things are going to happen: The price of Firey Brimstone are going to drop and the price of Iridescent Tears is going to rise. It’s impossible to say by how much, since the crafting game is in shambles currently, but it is safe to say that Infernal Essence is going to drop by 25-40%, which outs it at 30k. This means that Iridescent Tears need to appreciate to 3k each from 100 gold.

Once this price jump has occurred and the prices have stabilized, the excess amount of Iridescent tears has been soaked up and the price of Firey Brimstone should creep up once again. So go out and sell you Firey Brimstone and buy Iridescent Tears instead!

Until patch 1.0.5 hits, you can take a look at some farming guides pass the time:

Diablo 3 Act 1 Inferno farming.

Farming Inferno act 2.

And finally a bit of undergeared farming in Act 3 Inferno.

And if that doesn’t scratch your Diablo 3 itch, then join the 1300+ people party in the FB group for Diablo 3 farming, with daily news, tips, tricks and awesome media.

15 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Infernal Machine and monster power”

  1. Wouldn’t 10 Wishful Essences make 1 Exquisite Essence? The way I read the patch note, Tears have nothing to do with the Essences in the 10:1 conversion.

  2. What is an Infernal Essence? You mean Exquisite Essence? Then that part of your post doesn´t make sense since “upcrafting” ten Iridecent Tear to one Exquisite Essence would mean crafting to a lower quality, Fiery Brimstone would make more sense but it remains to be seen if you could convert ten tears to one brimstone. I´d expect Blizz to make an exeption here since FBs are supposed to be only salvaged from legendaries of ilvl 61+, Can anyone confirm this? Keep on going with the good information. Thumbs up!


    1. Brainfart from my side. Too little coffee, too little sleep does that to you!

      It’s very vaguely written, but I am betting money on the fact that you can convert up to Firey Brimstone. I am already seeing movement in the price of Iridescent Tears, so others think so as well!

  3. Just a though but where they say ‘Crafting reagents can now be converted up to the next highest level at the Blacksmith at a ratio of 10:1′ that they actually mean that you can convert hell mats up to the equivalent inferno mats? For example, 10 encrusted hoofs will convert to 1 iridescent tear.
    I’m only drawn to this theory because then there would be no way to convert anything to a fiery brimstone which would then keep to the same rule that Gab mentions above that you can only get fiery brimstones from legendaries! I mean, if they were to allow converting tears to brimstones then you’d be able to make a brimstone for approx 14k at the prices now netting approx 30k at present prices.
    I seriously think that’s what Blizzard means and intends to do but until the patch finally hits it’s anybody’s guess because they didn’t word their notes up very well because really it could be either of the 2 outcomes, it’s just not made clear enough and they should have put an example to verify exactly what they meant and not just said that you can convert mats up to the next level!
    I think to look at it logically though there’s 1 mat that’s similar throughout all difficulties which are subtle, shimmering, wishful and exquisite essences. They all look identical apart from colouring and name and looking at it from that perspective the next level up from subtle essences are shimmering etc. Therefore, if you look at hell mats you won’t see anything there to convert up to fiery brimstones which also keeps within my theory and what Gab said.
    Your thoughts on this theory would be much welcomed as you may no something that I don’t and then may sway me to buy into some mats to convert up when 1.0.5 hits to make some quick IGG.

  4. I just noticed another mistake in your write up! ‘Infernal’ essences selling for 50k on the EU AH? I think you meant fiery brimstones because they’re around 44k this morning. Exquisite (infernal) essences are going for nearly 1k at the moment!

  5. I’ve just been on the PTR and can confirm my suspicions that you CAN’T upgrade ANY mats to fiery brimstones as I thought originally! However, I have just made a cool 500k from only spending out 36k! The way I did this is by buying 730 wishful essences for around 64 gold each and converting them up to 73 exquisite essences which I then sold for 9500 gold each! in the PTR! I can’t buy any more wishful essences because they suddenly ran out of 64 gold ones and are currently at 800 gold each!
    This may be something to watch when 1.0.5 finally hits especially if the crafting upgrade cost stays at 10 gold. I think in anticipation of this being realistic i’m going to go out of my way and buy up loads of wishful essences as low as I can possibly get them and hope that exquisite essences rise sharply ready for 1.0.5 to hit.
    So, to confirm again, you can only upgrade crafting mats to the next level up e.g 10x hell mats will convert to 1 of the equivalent Inferno mats for a total cost of 10 gold. There is no way to convert anything into a firey brimstone.

  6. So if we use an example with real life prices, it comes down to this:

    Example (GoldAH EU):

    – Buy 15000 Wishful Essence for 827665 Gold (average of 55 Gold each)
    – Convert them up to 1500 Exquisite Essences
    – Lets take the PTR Cost,10 Gold x 1500 since theres no other data yet, which adds 15000 Gold to the price of the Wishful essences, we end up at 842665 Gold.)
    – Sell 1500 Exquisite Essences, lets say for an average price of 1000 Gold.
    – thats 1.5M Gold -15%BlizzFee (225000 Gold) equals 1.275.000 Gold
    – Net Gain 432.335 Gold. Not too shabby at first sight.
    – A few downsides though: Converting 15k Hell Mats to 1,5k Inferno Mats takes time. How long would it take to do it and could you be better off doing something else during that time?
    – Will conversion just cost 10 Gold per usage? I think nobody can answer this yet.
    – People will get aware of this an the price of Wishful Essence will rise to reflect that gap.
    – Since I am not an economist, theres probably something I missed :)

    anyway buying some Hell Mats now seems to net you some dough in the near future, so why not try your luck?


  7. I agree,there should atleast besomeprofit to make from it but it’s going to be the conversion time that’ll be the killer! I have 40000+ wishful’s at the moment so you can imagine the pain i’m going to go through, especially when i’m intending to buy more too! What I may do though is set up a macro to run overnight while AFK as that should be all done by the time I wake up then.
    Another saving grace is that the mats per slot is going up too, I can’t remember if it’s going to be 500 or 1000 per slot/mat now but it’s going to be handy cos my wishfuls are currently left waiting to collect from the AH at the moment as they won’t fit in my Inventory!
    Who’s to know what Blizz are likely to finalize for the patch though, hopefully the price of conversion doesn’t go up from 10 gold currently. We may even see a rise in cost of wishfuls to counter the gap between them, exquisites and most other mats. If that happens then there may be more of a profit to come back overall, we can only hope right?!

  8. Your Liam about 63s being less frequent on Act 1 than Act 3 on MP 10 is incorrect. Check Blizzard’s notes.

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