The new CM/WW wizard inferno build

Wicked Wind builds are out for wizard, but Storm Chaser saves the day!

As mentioned in the patch 1.0.4 class changes, wicked wind had its proc coefficient halved. This also means, that CM/WW Wizard inferno builds are not as viable as before. However, there are ways to get around the halved WW coefficient. One of them involves Storm Chaser and there are also some items you can use to make a perma-stun build viable again!

Storm Chaser is semi-broken with regards to procs

The Storm Chaser rune has taken over for wicked wind, and it actually procs critical mass a lot more than wicked wind did.

wicked wind nerfed storm chaser works instead
WW has been nerfed, but Storm Chaser gives as many, if not more, procs to your CM build.

So give Storm Chaser a try and see if you can’t get it to work in your build. It does change up your movement patterns a bit, but if you are used to playing CM/WW, it should be easier than learning to run a new build.

Whether the increased proc rate is intentional or not is unknown, so use it while you can. However, seeing as you do need to move and aim a bit more, then it could be part of the intended mechanics for Storm Chaser.

But that is not all you can do to get your old perma-stun build back. The new legendaries are also back in force!

Wizardspike and Azurewrath – currently flying under the radar

There are two new legendaries that give you added control with their procs. The proc rate is high as well, so you can actually do a build around it. This is just like it was mentioned in the patch 1.0.4 buffs to legendary items post on the official forums. One of the items is Wizardspike:

wizardspike new CM WW wiz build
Wizardspike will give you a lot of control, but will you need to be lucky to find one breaking 1k DPS.

Because it is a dagger, you won’t many of them break 1k DPS. But you do gain a nice Frozen Orb proc rate of 20-35%, attack speed of 10-11%, 71-80 all resist and it ignores durability loss. Currently these are pretty cheap at 1-2 mill on both EU and US AH.

Another new legendary flying under the radar is Azurewrath:

azurewrath CM WW control wizard build
Azurewrath won’t break the 1k DPS barrier, but it won’t break your wallet either. You do gain two nice control procs and some sweet AS.

You won’t see any Azurewrath above 1k DPS. It does spawn with +cold damage on it, so you could run it with Cold Blooded. There are some stats on it as well, but they aren’t that impressive. What we are after is the 5-15% chance to freeze enemies on hit. Since it is a very fast 1H’er, this will proc quite a lot. On top of this, it has a chance to forcefully repel undeads, which comes in handy once a while, especially if you are farming crypts or act 1.

As with Wizardspike the prices on both EU and US AH is around 1-2 million…so far. People haven’t really absorbed all patch 1.0.4 has to offer, so once everyone stops looking at raw DPS and starts focusing on procs for their builds, I expect this to change. While weapon DPS is a big part of your overall DPS, you can go down a bit in DPS to gain some nice proc effects, and then catch up the slack with the rest of your gear.

If you do try out the new “CM/WW”, ie. CM/Stormchaser, then swing by the D3F facebook group and lets us know how it worked out for you. We just passed 1000 members and are still growing, so join the party! The FB group allows me to do small posts on tips and tricks, videos and awesome stuff more often than here on the mainsite, where I prefer doing longer posts like these. So if you want more content faster, then take a look at the D3F facebook group!

Now get your hands on a cheap Azurewrath and Wizardspike, do a CM/Stormchaser build and go nuts!

3 thoughts on “The new CM/WW wizard inferno build”

  1. I will have to give Storm Chaser a try, but as far as wizardspike the lack of socket hurts, and cold blooded effects ALL damage, so the fact it has cold doesn’t mean anything, but the chance to freeze could up the frozen time.

  2. been playing CM/Twister for a long time, way before i was so popular.

    Well, the current storm chaser is wonderful and nobody knows how long it will stay so.

    For the normal WW, it’s actually manageable if you have enough IAS. Wizardspike is more superior and like you said, very well under the radar. The proc on frozen orb is not that great, but the AR and IAS are.

    Also, for someone with less APoC, try to use hydra. They are good, and I’m using lightning for now. U only need to cast it once a while making arcane power management so much easier.

    Shocking Aspect from Storm Armor is another great power to use. Running Act 3 with around 650-700 AR will be good enough, making storm armor a great choice. Mobs just melts.

    Hope this helps

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