Diablo 3 paragon leveling guide

Fast Paragon leveling in Diablo 3

Update February 2015:

With Reaper of Souls out, the Paragon system has changed significantly. There is little reason to focus on leveling Paragon since levels are totalled across characters.

Instead you should focus on running bounties and (Greater) Rifts to gear up and then paragon levels will follow by themselves.

I am working on a complete paragon/gearing guide, but until then follow this very rough guide:

  • Run bounties until you have geared up sufficiently to run rifts at T1 at a good speed (2-4 shotting normal white thrash, able to easily kill elite packs).
  • Run rifts to gear up more and gather Trial Key Stones.
  • Once you have geared enough to run Greater Rifts at level 10 or over, then run a mix of rifts and greater rifts to continually gear up.
  • Once you are able to run T6 solo easily, then start looking for public T6 groups and greater rifts.

If you are working from scratch on a new account, then follow this leveling guide for fast leveling.

Below is the old paragon leveling guide, which is a bit outdated!

Old paragon leveling guide ->

Patch and patch notes for patch 1.0.4 is out and what a patch!

The auction house was improved, elite packs got easier, loot got buffed, classes got buffed and most importantly: paragon levels were introduced!

The 100 paragon levels make sure, that even if your loot sucks at the end of a farming run, you will still have gained quite a bit of paragon XP, so you still have something to show for your time. But how do you level paragon levels fast?

Getting Paragonlevels as fast as possible….while not getting killed

The paragon levels won’t come easy, so first of all don’t focus blindly on getting them. While the benefits are great:

  • You gain stats like a level
  • You gain +3% MF and GF per level

They aren’t important enough to get yourself killed constantly, because you wear crappy +XP gear.  Wearing experience gear WILL work on Paragon levels, but since you only gain a fixed amount of EXP from them, you won’t improve significantly on the experience gained from a level 63 mob. So don’t worry about experience gear right now. There has been talk about adding it a later stage, but not in the next few patches.

So first of all, stay alive to level paragon faster. Don’t forget your main stats, resist stats and DPS. Once you have your bases covered, you can start worrying about leveling. It’s a long walk under any circumstance, so getting yourself killed to get there is not beneficial!

paragon level curve diablo 3
Leveling quick as a paragon takes a turn for the worse after level 65+. Then it becomes a long, hard road!

Rubies for faster leveling – The obvious method

With your bases covered, you can start working on the best way to level. One obvious method is slotting a ruby on your helmet. This is an easy +25% (or more depending on your wallet) to experience gained from kills.

leveling paragon fast ruby helmet
One easy way to level faster as a paragon is the slot a ruby in the helmet. The higher, the better!

With rubies, you are cutting a significant chunk of your leveling time, and the beauty of them is, that they scale well with the experience you get from high level mobs. The more experience they give, the more you get, as opposed with the fixed number from +exp gear.

Nephalem Valor has also been changed to now give an XP bonus. So getting a full 5 stack will grant you 75% bonus to EXP. This means that farming runs, that focus on getting a full stack fast will also be the best for leveling paragon.

Digging deeper – new legendaries for faster leveling

With the loot buffs in this patch, new legendaries have been introduced. Some of them aren’t that great for the purpose of leveling paragon. This includes the crafted “Cain’s Fate” 3 piece set bonus, which grants +30% experience. The problem is that it is a level 22 set, and you need to give up 3 gear slots to get it. The only piece worth considering are the boots:

quick leveling paragon Cains Fate set bonus
Low level leveling gear is an idea for gaining Paragon levels faster…but it comes at a price!

The rest of the pieces are good for their level (they are legendaries after all), but not at level 60. So steer clear of that one and focus on getting good gear instead, which will allow you to kill faster, netting you more XP…and money!

This leaves us with another new legendary, which is already a hot number in the AH:

paragon leveling diablo 3 leorics signet
Leoric’s signet – a new legendary which will allow you to supercharge your leveling speed…and you won’t kill yourself in the attempt!

Leoric’s Signet only needs you to give up a ring slot. While ring slots are a hard slot to give up, this one is worth it, even though it is iLvl 17. The 1% crit chance is still decent at level 60, since everything in percent scales with your level. This is the same for the +20-30% extra experience you gain with it on. With a 30% Leoric’s signet and a Radiant Star Ruby, you gain 61% extra EXP, effectively cutting your leveling time down by 61%. This also means that you will cover the gap left by the “missing” ring slot faster, so in due time you will be back to full power. However, do keep in mind, that you might only gain 3-5 of your main stat when you level up, so you do need a lot of paragon levels to cover the gap.

The downside to the signet, is that it is a dropped legendary, so it is going to be expensive as hell. To further add to this, it is low level, so not many people farm that specific level area of Diablo 3. So you won’t see a lot of them, since the majority of people farming are now in Inferno, especially with the new buffs to the classes and the debuffs to mobs. One has already dropped and is on the AH, but at a BO price of a billion, it is likely to stay there. If you see Leoric’s Signet going for anything below 100 million, you should consider buying it, but flip it fast, since the novelty value will wear off quickly.

So there you have it! A quick and dirty Diablo 3 guide to leveling paragon fast. If you found this useful, please share it with people who will appreciate it. Don’t forget to swing by the D3F Facebook group, to get more news and guides faster! The FB group is currently at 997 members, so act fast to be in the first 1000 members!

15 thoughts on “Diablo 3 paragon leveling guide”

  1. Does leoric’s signet increase all exp from monsters or just massacre and survival bonus exps? Because it says “increases bonus experience by %20-30″ not “monster kills grant + %20-30″.

      1. I think it is worded like this because in your character page it is displayed as “bonus experience: XX%”, so this would be an increase on that stat.

  2. cains fate works wonders for me. helm with socket for ruby plus glove and boot. yeah big drop in some areas but still doable act2/3. maybe not as fast but not 30 percent slower by any means.

  3. Don’t forget to give 2 Leorics Signets to your companion for up to 12% ((2×30)/5) extra experience bonus if you can afford them ;)

      1. I would be surprised if you could equip two “unique equipped” on your followers. Besides, that kind of money, might be better spend on yourself :)

    1. Yes you are right, 5 NV stacks already give you 75%, and of course now MP levels give you % as well, but gaining 61% extra will not cut your time down 61%, but maybe half or less of that.

  4. Yea, it’s the same as saying that, if you get extra 100% exp, you cut your leveling time by 100%. What he meant is, multiply the time you spend by 100 and divide it by 100+bonus (in this case, 100+61). This is gonna result in ~62%.

    I thought about buying a radiant topaz, but I definitely changed my mind in the last few days for the ruby. Still gotta level my monk and wizard up to level 60 and go through Inferno with those and my witch doctor before I think about leveling my demon hunter.

    And, whoever is interested in making a website about statistics for D3 (damage, precise looting, crafting), please contact me, my user name is DemonSlayer#1227, and my e-mail is guilherme.de.oliveira.schmidt@gmail.com

  5. If your xp bonus is +61% that means (1/1.61)-1=-37,89% In other words you now get the same amount of xp of 62,11 hours of playing with 161% as 100 hours of playing with 100% xD Your “time saving” is 37,89% less

  6. I think diminishing returns needs to be considered here…

    Say you can farm up 100 paragon levels in 100 days at MP0 with no exp bonus gear, no Valor bonus. (ok, I realize this may not be very real-world corrilated, but for the sake of comparison, that isn’t important, as you can replace 100 levels with 1 million exp, and 100 days with whatever you want and still keep the ratios accurate. But for this purpose, real numbers make the concepts more tangible.)

    Ok, so at MP0, no exp gear, and Valor5, it’ll take you 100/1.75 or aprox 57 Days. Since acquiring Valor5 doesn’t usually impare your killing speed, this is quite valid (and clearly what Blizzard intended it for).

    Now, let’s add the 25% exp gem (probably the best bang for your sacrifice, imo) we now have 100/2.00 or 50 Days — so that 25% gem saved you 7 Days. By comparison, it’d take you 14% longer without the gem… But if you could put a different gem in (or use the money for the gem on something else) and kill 14% faster, you’d be breaking even (albeit with 14% more loot to show for the time, soo….) I have yet to find many things that actually make that possible, so I personally consider the gem a good investment – moving on…

    Let’s compare that to a perfect 31% ruby (at aprox 35 times the cost, as of my writing this): 100/2.06 = 48.5 saved you another 1.5 Days (or aprox 3% faster than the 25% gem…) needless to say, the cost/benefit analysis comes up a bit short for me. So, unless you have the gem already, and are simply repurposing it – such as on your barb alt that you aren’t playing atm anyways, or that you’ve crafted and plan to sell in the AH for a profit – it’s probably best to not bother. But since we’ve already decided to go with a gem in the socket, upgrading it won’t cost you any kill speed, assuming you’ve nothing better to spend the money on, so let’s go ahead and use it from now on, after all, it’s still cheaper than the next item…

    Leoric’s Ring: starting for 30mil+ for the 20% version and going as high as half a billion for the 30% version, it’s not a cheap choice – and it takes your ring slot as well, so let’s crunch some numbers. Starting from the 31% Helmet Gem and the 5 Valor, we were taking 100/2.26=44.2 Days or 100/2.36=42.4 Days — let’s go with the assumption that you have unlimited money and go for the 30% ring, we’re looking at it taking you 14% longer if you do without the leoric’s. So you have to ask yourself: “Can I find another ring that let’s me kill 14% faster than the leoric’s ring for a similar cost?”. Well, assuming you go with something like a 5% Crit Chance, 40% crit Damage, and 7% Attack Speed, 100+ Main Stat ring (Which I was easily able to find for comperable costs) the answer for me was forget Leorics. And since this ALSO gives you 14% more loot AND is usable after you hit Paragon 100, it looks like a really bad buy to me — unless you have unlimited funds and are planning to put it on your follower, or are already farming really high MPs and looking for that little something extra…

    Which brings us to the Cain’s set: Similar exp gain as the ring, although alot less expensive, however, it takes 3 slots. So using Cain’s instead of the ring, the question is now “Can I find a helm, boots, and (whatever)… that let me kill 14% faster.” For me the answer was “while blindfolded and drunk”, so running in a Cain’s set probably isn’t worth it, unless you’re bottlenecking at MP3 at least. Deffinently isn’t worth it for me at least.

    Now, there’s one more factor to consider, MP levels. The short answer is “Unless you can kill monsters as fast as it takes you to cross the distance between them, increasing MP is less effecient.” But let’s discuss why:

    Starting at MP1 you get +10% exp for 50% more HP. Given the (convenient) Valor5, 25% gem combination, that means you’ll take 100/2.10=47.6 Days. Or 5% longer at MP0, so unless mobs with 50% more HP take you less than 5% longer to kill, stick to MP0. Of course, once they do, you can up the MP for a little bonus, but the returns for upping the MP only diminsh from there, so generally, don’t up your MP level unless you kill things on the higher level as fast as at the lower level. (Similar math happens for loot calculations as well btw.) In short, MP makes things more FUN, NOT really more effecient. Of course, if you can play 10% longer before quitting because it’s less boring, then upping the MP can geniunely benefit you….

    By way of conclussion, I would like to point out that I once saw a Demon Hunter trapsing around in Cain’s gear running MP10, however his weapon was the envy of the god’s (had TWO +100% crit damage gems socketted in it and his quiver was equally enviable). It’s quite possible he was killing things as fast in his Caine’s as he would in any other gear, so let’s do the math for the sake of you deep pockets people.

    Valor5, 31% Gem, Cain, Leoric’s ring: 75+31+30+30 = 166% bonus exp = 100/2.66 = 37.6 Days, or 12.4 days (aprox 30%) faster than the Valor5, 25% gem people.

    Going MP5 yields another 60% bonus exp, taking you to 226% bonus exp = 100/3.26 = 30.7 Days, or aprox 22% faster than MP0 (against mobs almost 4 times tougher), or 60% faster than the poor 25% gem valor5 crowd.

    And MP10 gives you a total 160% bonus, taking you to 326% total = 100/4.26 = 23.5 Days.

    Since the fastest paragon 100 run that I’m aware of took only two weeks (instead of the 100 I proposed), it doesn’t seem worth the investment in Exp granting gear (beyone maybe the 25% gem) to shave a few days off the time it takes to level…

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