Crypt of the ancients in Diablo 3 is pretty awesome goldfarming

D3’s Crypt of the Ancients is possibly my new favorite gold spot

After a while farming gold in Arreat Craters gets pretty old and you need to switch it up. The gold is good in the craters, but some times you just need to do something pretty mindless, that delivers fast results and actually scales well with increased difficulties. Today we have just such a spot, which can easily yield 300k gold per hour and quite possibly much more!

Head on over to the Crypt of the Ancients for some good old fashioned gold farming!

Re-visit the Drowned Temple and start your adventures

Start the game on Hell difficulty in act 1 on the quest “The Broken Blade”. Start the quest at the point called “Talk to Alaric”, which deposits you in Town. - drowned temple broken blade
Start “The Broken Blade” quest and talk to Alaric, the spirit guardian.

When in town, head over to the Waypoint and head to “The Drowned Temple”, where you will find the Spirit Guardian Alaric. He will send on a quest to find some pieces to open the Drowned Temple.

Where is this Crypt of the Ancients you speak of?

After you have talked to Alaric, you will be tasked to find two pieces of a blade, hence the quest name “The Broken Blade”. With the broken blade pieced back together, you can access the Drowned Temple. we don’t care about that, we just want gold!

One of the pieces is in a place called the “Crypt of the Ancients” and that is where we want to be! Just run through the map and find the Crypt. Once you get the checkpoint inside, you can TP/log out and you will login inside the crypt.

diablo3farming - crypt of the ancients
Crypt of the Ancients contain numerous weak mobs that drop lots of gold. Excellent!

The beauty of this place is, that you log in right where you want to be, and that there are lots of thrash mobs, that are easily killed and drop lots of gold. Since we are farming this place on Hell difficulty, we can’t really use the loot for anything, so just focus on getting a high GF, while keeping your DPS above 10k.

What skills and gear should I use to farm the Crypt of the Ancients?

As always with farming low level areas for gold, speed is of the essence. Use all the skills available to your class for moving faster: jump, vault, teleport. You also want to get some movement speed on your gear.

Get at least once piece with pickup radius, since even +6 to pickup radius makes a huge difference. Don’t forget to equip your follower with gold find as well, since you get 20% of what he is wearing. I like to use the templar, because he can wear a shield.

Use AOE skills as much as you can, since the mobs will be easily killed and there are many of them.

What kind of gold can I farm in that Crypt?

On average you will make between 3k and 7k per run. There is always a unique mob that spawns in there, and there is around the same amount of mobs each spawn. Just pick up gold and don’t worry about loot. It’s crap loot anyway.

A run takes 20-30 seconds, since you spawn at the entrance. You can easily do 2 per minute, and 3 with a bit of practice. That is 120-180 runs per hour, but lets go with 100 runs, to err on the side of caution. 100 runs at a minimum of 3k is 300k per hour on the low side. 180 runs at 3k is 540k per hour, so there is a pretty big upside to this run.

Let me know what you think of Crypt of the Ancients for farming gold. Either in the comments below or on our Diablo3farming Facebook page. And swing by the Diablo3farming Youtube channel and take a look at the AH strategy videos, with loads more to come! If you enjoyed the article, make someone else happy and share it!

Now get farming, ya lazy bum!

15 thoughts on “Crypt of the ancients in Diablo 3 is pretty awesome goldfarming”

    1. Once you’re in the crypt there’s a checkpoint which is reloaded after you disconnect and resume the game, so you start off insie the crypt each time.

  1. no you dont need find , since there is a save point , i use this since yesterday, can even get a bit more, if have okey gear.

    i run this on dh with 330mf , and wizard 305 mf.
    its nice to find another run, sarkoth can be boring.

  2. Just wondering, but is there a reason that this is done on Hell and not Inferno? Is it just the case that it’s easier than on Inferno so less chance if you’re a low DPS/VIT character or something else? I wonder because surely if you play at the Inferno level then you’d be able to use it for farming gear as well as get more gold so you could use MF & GF!
    Just a thought ‘cos i’m a Barb with nearly 40k DPS and about 50k vit and usually run the Butcher level/run with 150%ish MF gear on and stack up the nephalem valor before getting to the Jailer & Butcher. If it’s possible to do it this way and possibly get more gold and better loot then i’d rather play it on Inferno for the obvious benefits! Might be an idea to add this as an amendment to your original guide for people that are advanced enough to handle Inferno instead.

  3. Thanks to this post, I tried CotA on Inferno with a Barb – for me it takes roughly a minute per run which obv. puts down the gold/hour count but the loot and increased gold per monster slain kinda makes up for it. Gold-wise I am always between 9-14k per run with 240% GF unbuffed. That count is including selling loot to the vendors, which in turn costs time. I have almost no MF on my gear and yes, you get mostly shit-loot with occacional rares but when several blue items sold nicely on the AH, I thought in the long run it might be worth it.
    Its also a good spot for consistently getting those Tome of Secrets and ilvl60+ Items for salvaging. Depending on the price of the mats, you could be better off salvaging the items and selling the essences. Exquisite Essence for example is selling for 1k+ gold at times – more than the sell-value of most Ilvl 60+ blues. I just keep the essences till the price is up, then sell in packs of 100 for some nice farming rewards.

    The Build itself focuses on Crit besides GF. I have 33% Chance to crit and 200% inc. Crit Damage. The Damage is around 17k unbuffed, with 33k Life and I use an Axe (990 dps, 1.42 Attacks/sec.) and a shield.
    Barb Skills I use:

    LMB: Frenzy / Maniac
    RMB: Revenge / Provocation
    1: Warcry /Imputiny
    2: Battle Rage /Marauders Rage
    3: WotB / Insanity
    4: Sprint / Marathon

    My passives are Weapons Master, Rutheless and Tough as Nails.
    So far it has been working out fine for me, but I play around with the skills a lot.

  4. this is not too bad, as a warrior though i find it more benneficial to run on inferno and got the next quest (imprisoned angel) from there goto the festering wood portal. a quick scope round the wp ull find 2 elites a blue n a yellow, both caves are within arms reach of the portal and u can quickly go in n out of both caves racking up an easy 20k+ (including selling gear) with little to no gf or mf.
    this run u end up killing 4 elites and being on inferno as others have said above the gear drops and cash drops are alot higher and each run takes about 5 mins tops, depending how your skills are set ect ect.
    Any other good solo grinding areas?

    1. I haven’t looked for any, but I imagine there must be an AutoIT script for it. Failing that, there is bound to be routines for the proper bots, such as Demonbuddy.

  5. Awesome!!
    Thanks for this amazing gold guide. I made with my DH 20k DPS and 200% GF almost 500k in 1 hour!

    PS: Greetings from Germany

  6. this place is cool. the gold drops are high. im using a monk with 155 GF. 1 hour is 200k gold. i wonder how much could i get when i have 300 GF. any equipment to boost my Gold Find?

  7. great one, I am using a monk with FoT thunderclap, SW master of wind, Mystic Ally air ally for its aoe, cyclone to pull everything to me, loving this farming spot.

    1. forget to mention I am using mantra of conviction with submission rune. and I changed Fot to Crippling wave with Tsunami rune for the 17yards aoe, impressive gold farmed in such a short period.

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