Demonbuddy and other bots in Diablo 3

Demonbuddy, Hell Buddy and all the other bots – an overview

It is no secret that there are bots in Diablo 3. Diablo 2 was a botter’s paradise and Diablo 3 follows suit. And I can see why people and goldfarmers bot: it’s easy, it’s fast and you can get a lot of hours out of a bot before the account gets banned. If you are careful how you use the bot, you might not even get banned!

But what kinds of bots are there on the market currently?

Demonbuddy bot – the most advanced bot on the market

While I was waiting for Diablo 3 to release I tried my hand at botting in WoW with good results. I used Bossland’s Honorbuddy bot and while there was a learning curve, it wasn’t too steep. Bossland are still being sued by Blizzard in Germany, so the fate of the company is unknown. However, right now they are going strong.

Bossland recently released their Diablo 3 bot – Demonbuddy. As with Honorbuddy, it mimics human playing and doesn’t inject or alter memory, so it should be low-risk. They haven’t quite figured out the Warden algorithm for Diablo 3, so you aren’t totally safe. You can set it up however you feel like and it is very customizable. IT is a bit unstable in its current version, but that should change with later version. - demonbuddy D3 bot
Demonbuddy – very advanced D3 bot, but also a bit unstable

Hellbuddy bot – less advanced, more stable

Hellbuddy have a more stable bot, when compared to Demonbuddy. You can’t fiddle around with it as much as Demonbuddy, but the things you can do are very simple to do. The whole interface is graphical and you can easily set up profiles just by clicking buttons. The routines it can do aren’t as advanced as Demonbuddy, but you can still use it to farm at a decent pace.

The great thing about Hellbuddy is that it can be monitored remotely. Setup your clients, run them and you can access them remotely. This is great, because then you can set them up and run them in the morning, head out and check in a few times during the day.

Immortal bot – the dark horse

Immortal is the high-risk, high pay-out bot of the bunch. There have been a lot reports of its users getting banned, the site for the bot is down and it circumvents gameplay mechanics. But when it is running, it is stable and easy to use. However, with the main site being down, you can’t get your hands on it and current users can’t re-assign their Immortal clients to other accounts. Because it is a contender, I decided to include it here, because the main site might go back up at some point. Just be aware, that this bot is not as undercover or stealthy as Demonbuddy.

D3mimic – the odd one out

D3mimic has one thing going for it: it is extremely easy to run, since it runs on preset profiles and you don’t really have to do anything. It is a bit slower than the other bots, has less customization options and it is really expensive, compared to the other ones. 12 dollars a month to run a bot is way too much, for something that can get nuked instantly. Personally I would stay away until they alter their pricing structure to include a one-time-life-time fee, instead of their current pay-by-hour/month scheme. - D3mimic D3 bot
D3mimic might lack features, but they have a nice logo, so there is that!

D3 AH-bots – The dark side

As a trained economist, I don’t really have a problem with AH bots, since something like this happens millions of times a day on the real markets with algorithmical trading. Basically you define a set of search terms for your AH-bot and then it continually searches the AH by these search terms. Once it finds an item, that has been priced too cheap for the current market, it buys it out and relists it. Alternatively, it notes the time of auction end and snipes the auction if there is no buyout.

With as thin a market as the D3 AH market, the AH-bots can inflate it artificially or corner it completely. If you know this is happening and know roughly the search terms for the bot, then you can benefit from it, since you can list items just below the market and have the bot buy them. However, it does remove the chances of getting lucky and finding items for flipping and it forces AH-flippers to start using AH-bots themselves if they want to compete in the flipping market.

Blizzkrieg AH-bot – the newest kid on the block

This is the most recent AH-bot on the market. I was a bit on the fence about mentioning this, since Blizzard are really aware of AH bots and work hard on nuking them. So even though it is an AutoIT/AutoHotkey script, you are still very much at risk using this.

You can set 100 search parameters and it has built in randomization to avoid detection. As I said above, algo-trading is very common on the real markets, but this is a game and everyone should play with the same rules. Still, I like the idea of doing this and I might have to get a second account, just to give this a try. I know, I know…..*booooohhhh*

Don’t forget to swing by the Diablo3Farming Facebook group and let me know what a jerk I am for not hating botters with a passion. ;) I just like to explore all facets of a game, including the grey/black ones!

10 thoughts on “Demonbuddy and other bots in Diablo 3”

  1. Do you know what would really screw the economy up? If botters did Robin hood acts and donated a percentage of their grindings to a lot of random players. This would cause the markets to skyrocket and allow gray/black market gold trading to make even more.

  2. So u want the game to bomb? Bots have ruined the economy and as a result, ruined the game entirely.

    Whose side are u on?

    1. Dude, this was an informative article. That’s it. Nowhere on here does it say that we should use bots. It’s just letting you know what’s out there and what the players are up against. It’s fine man. People are free to use bots. It sucks for people like us… but it is what it is. You can frown upon it, but don’t berate the author for the information – I, for one, had no idea about all of these bots. I think it’s good to know.

  3. When they add game creation limit, botting will be less useful. The best way to make gold WITHOUT botting is through the auction house.

    And yes, bots do ruin the economy. Bliz is doing a crappy job stopping them. I thought that the always online DRM was going to stop people from cheating? Guess not.

  4. Botting is easy, I botted for 2-3 hours made 500k and stopped since it was only an experiment and I am a noob who never before botted. So yeah 15 minutes work in setup and millions in days.

    1. 500k in 2-3 hours?

      I can make that myself whilst playing (and enjoying) the game, without even trying.

      Try running Hell Act 1 with 300%+ gold find, it really isn’t that hard to make gold in-game. Admittedly, you can use the bot while you’re afk (work… for example), but cheating is lame, and it ruins the game for the people who actually want to play as intended.

  5. Botting while you are away…
    Computer needs to be runnig –> consuming electricity. Electricity usually costs money.

    Wouldn’t buying that gold be much cheaper? And not ruin the game?

    1. well, it depends: you can buy gold at around 1.2 USD/mill or 1 EUR/mill. You can bot around 300k an hour on a non-optimized bot, so it takes 3 hours to bot a million on one client. In those three hours, does electricity and wear on the computer cost more than 1.2 USD or 1 EUR? Most likely not, but I suspect there isn’t that much of a difference.

      And not ruining the game? Well, where do you think the gold sellers get their gold from? Goldfarmers, that use bots to farm.

      IF you just bot for gold for yourself, you might as well buy it: it’s less risky and overall the same cost. If you like nerding with bots and setting up routines, then by all means bot away. Or if you like doing some “cutting edge”-botting, then explore AH bots. They are high risk, but you can also gain a lot from them.

  6. I’m not a botter, but i’m considering to use an AH bot to do quick searches for me between the runs i make. so i can save a lot of time instead of typing the stats and the names of the items.
    If i understood correctly from your article the chances of me being banned are pretty slim, since i won’t be using the bot for more than few minutes?
    And if that’s the case, can you please provide a download link to the bot you think is the best?
    Thank you in advance.

  7. It’s now almost June 2013. For roughly 60 american cents, you can buy a Radiant Star Ruby and sell it for 25+ million gold. $20 of these gems usually gets ya 700 to 900 million gold. With this ya can get gear to do MonsterPower10 uber runs and hellfire ring up to 100 paragon magic/gold find. This has been a lot of fun, although I really wish the Black Rock Ledger was figured out. Maybe I will prowl google for more info.

    Any thoughts? Tips? ^_^

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