Diablo 3 Inferno wizard critical mass build for farming

D3 Wizard crit mass + energy twister build for fun inferno farming

Recently I have been doing a lot of farming, mostly farming act 1 Sarkoth in Dank Cellar, but also running the Arreat Craters, since that is the best gold farming spot in D3, at least in my opinion!

However, it does get boring after a while, so I decided to get back in to progressing with my wizard in Inferno. But I wanted it be at least a little bit of fun, so I couldn’t be arsed running your standard Hydra/Blizzard/”Kite until you blue in the face” build. So I started working on some alternative builds and actually came up with something that is pretty fun to play and can also be used farming pretty good!

Perma-archon and laser pew pew as a viable inferno wizard build?

I started out wanting to try and get a perma-archon build working, because Archon is freaking awesome and who doesn’t love pew-pew. So at first played around with lowering the cooldown on Archon and trying to get it to work with critical mass, so you could get around the 120/100 second cooldown on Archon.

Diablo 3 Inferno wizard build critical mass
Diablo 3 wizard builds with critical mass can be awesome, but you need to really plan the build and gear around them.

It soon became apparent, that a perma-archon build isn’t the best inferno wizard build, except for a few places, where it however really shines. What makes a good archon build are lots of mobs that can extend it, and not so much trying to minimize the cooldown. Something like running Arreat or Siegebreaker allows you to extend it for a really long time, while doing more randomized crypt-runs will leave with a lot of dry spots with few mobs.

On top of this, you don’t have access to your normal control skills, so you also really need raw DPS to power through mobs. If you don’t have that, you are going to have a bad time: you can’t teleport, frost nova or anything else without dropping archon. So you really need to have an area on farm for archon to be a part of a viable inferno solo wizard build. So I switched it up a bit.

Energy twister – Whirlwind + critical mass = fun inferno wizard build

I kept critical mass and focused on getting some crit gear pushing me above 40% crit. I tried to keep my intelligence up as well, while keeping costs down. Pretty hard, but it didn’t actually cost me that much. I good a decent set for Act 1 for around 250k total, but I did have some pieces such as a good 1-hander and a few good intelligence pieces from earlier.

D3 inferno wizard build gear stats
Wizard critical mass build gear stats. This is just a cheap crit-set to get a feel for playing a critical mass build. There is room for lots of improvement!

Those are unbuffed stats. You can always use more INT, and in this case a few 100 more all-res for act 1, 200-300% crit damage and some VIT to go above at least 20k life. So room for improvement, but I wanted to try if the crit build was for me and if you could use it as an Inferno solo wizard build and as a wizard farming build.

The build I am running is a bit different from your average kiting build. I use Critical mass as the base for it and use Energy Twister – Wicked Wind as my critical hit generator:

DIII wizard class critical mass farming build
Energy Twister – Wicked wind works really well in a critical mass wizard build.

This works so much better than Blizzard for generating critical hits, since they can stack in an area, they hit a lot and fast, so you have more shots at crits and because they are static, you can control mobs around and through them. I tried using blizzard for this build, but found that you get so many more critical hits with energy twister – Wicked wind.

The build itself is based around Energy twister and frost nova as my critical mass dump and then trying to keep the mobs close to you and your twisters. The build is very similar to a melee build, so it contains Diamond Skin and Blur, but it isn’t meant for tanking, but more as a buffer to you aren’t two-shotted accidentally.

Diablo III inferno wizard solo farming build
Diablo III inferno wizard build: critical mass + diamond skin + frost nova + energy twister = easy and fun farming

The way I use the build is primarily round up a large group of mobs, herd them together, then hit diamond skin, go in and frost nova them and releasing energy twisters to start critical mass off. Here is the trick to get the build working really well: hold down the frost nova key! This will fire it off as soon as it is up and you can chain stun mobs, if you get crits going fast enough. Move around the twisters to keep mobs in them and you should easily get enough hits to keep both diamond skin and frost nova up.

I also use Venom Hydra, since it’s great DPS for the mana it costs and the venom AOE stays in place for a really long time, which works really well with your overall stunlock theme. I am trying out familiar instead of magic weapon, since I wanted to try different things and maybe it can get a few crits as well. Finally I have Disintegrate, since I love the skill and you also need a bit of single target DPS.

That is the one thing this build lacks: single target DPS. Disintegrate helps a bit with that, as does venom hydra, but if you can’t get a crit cycle going, you need to get your kite on and run around waiting for cooldowns. So this is a great build for groups of mobs, but not so much for single target DPS. Here you need to work a bit harder and micro more, but it is doable.

The complete build is at the official site.

So if you want to try a fun and fast solo wizard build that works for Inferno, then give the critical mass + Twister:WW build a go. I like it and it doesn’t cost gear-wise that much to get going.

11 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Inferno wizard critical mass build for farming”

  1. Its good to see alternate builds for different classes. Thanks for doing the research. I chose the Wizard as my first character but found the Demon Hunter to be my favorite farmer, especially for the Arreat Crater area. In any case, going to try this build out of curiosity.

    1. I have always had a dislike of cookie cutter builds, and with farming getting a bit boring and flipping on the AH making you more gold, I might as well have some fun playing a not so common build :)

  2. yes very nice build, i had it on my mind since few months when i saw 1st time wizard’s skills runes and item’s affixes, but I put it to storage now when I hit the wall in 3rd act inferno I have tried another idea of building character, I have bought rrrrrrrrrrreally cheap stuff:
    -weapon-500basal, 100%edcrit, 650loh!, (recenly found 750dmg, 60%crit, 700 loh, socket but had no chance to try it)
    -amu-4%cc, 60resall, some vita/int
    -2 rings from my stash (each int/vita, 3,5%cc)
    -headgear (60resalll,4 crit, sox with 14%life bonus)
    -gloves (60resall, 7%cc, some vita/int)
    -bracers (50resall, 4%cc, int)
    -off-hand (70-150dmg, 7,5%cc, 10 points mana returned on crit)

    I spent 1,3 mln gold for all this stuff (except rings)
    all other items are worth 4-5 mlns (>150 int, >100 vita, 50-70resall, various resistances , armor)

    cc->42%, with deep freeze (see later) 57%
    dps-18k (yes!)

    -critical mass
    -astral presence

    -primary (not used)
    -sec (not used)

    -frost nova/deep freeze ->constanly freezes targets
    -diamond skin/crystal shell -> increases cc for 15% if more than 5 monsters hit
    -energy twister/wicked wind -> every twoster deal dmg ergo generates crits
    -energy armor/primatic armor – 40% enchanced resall
    -explosive plast/chain reaction -> 3 different blast every yields crit
    -teleport/safe pasasage -> 30% red dmg taken for 4 sec!

    yes it works, with tons of the monsters in 3rd act inferno in full party, slow but efficient, cooldowns are decreased to 0,3-0,8 sec there is no chance for engaring mosters unless they are invulnerable, moving fast, or are small so it is hard to target’em and drain ther lifebars
    people are asking me
    -what is this, wizz-tank?
    -yes definitely it is

    cheers from Poland

  3. Maybe I’ve just been unlucky, but I run into elite packs that are impossible to solo. I’ve got around 32k health, 15k dps and 40% crit chance. I use energy armor and diamond skin for defense. First pack I run into has shielding+vortex. Died 5 times and gave up. Spend 12k to repair armor. Next pack I run into has invulnerable minions. Died a few more times. Probably lost almost 20k in gold in about 15 minutes from repairs.

    1. Lol im sorry but my lvl 55 wizard has 33k hp and 26k dps (with familier) and your telling me you only have 15k dps as a lvl 60 … you need MUCH better gear .. thats why your failing in inferno .. Q.S.P

  4. how can u use diamond skin + frost nova since they are on the same category of skills. (confused) please explain. .thank u

    1. Try using this build, expecially Spectral Blade with healing blades and Archon with slow time, it becomes a lot more easy to bring down those elite packs (dragons right?).

      Diamond Skin – Crystal Shell
      Frost Nova – Cold Snap
      Energy Armor – Prismatic Armor
      Spectral Blade – Healing Blades
      Energy Twister – Wicked Wind
      One of them:
      Archon – Slow time
      Explosive Blast
      Slow Time

      Blur / Critical Mass / Evocation or another if cooldowns are already fast

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