Diablo 3 Inferno magic-find item farming run

Where to get elite gear in D3 Act 1 Inferno?

With the recent buffs to loot in patch 1.0.3, it makes good sense to farm the hell out of Act 1, since you can now get a shot at iLvl 63 items. It’s only a 2% chance, but if you can farm Inferno Act 1 5 times faster than Act 3, then it makes better sense to farm Act 1, since you have a 10% shot at iLvl 63 items vs. a 8% shot.

On top of this, the added repair costs are really starting to hurt, if you are trying to farm areas, that you are a bit undergeared for. Unless of course you use geometry exploits to farm easy D3 Act 3 elites, but that can also be a bit boring in the long run and you might still get crap items and a huge repair bill!

You want to farm easy and fast gold and items

This run takes you pretty much all over Act 1, where you have a shot at finding loads of elites in as small a map area as possible. This minimizes the time running around not getting loot, gear and items. When you are gold farming, always keep an eye on your gold/hour, since you are in this to make money! This is also the case, when you are item farmen. Here you just need to take into account your profits after AH’ing your items.

D3 Inferno item farming run list

The run starts off in Act 1 – Northern Highlands. Pick one of the latter quests and WP to Northern Highlands. We are looking for a Watch Tower, which is a random spawn on the map. You might not get it on a map, but logout and reset and you will get it eventually. Level 1 of the tower is quite small, but level 2 opens up a bit and it has spawn points for 5 elite packs. So you end up getting a pretty good NV stack going fast.

The run then takes you to Cemetery of the Forsaken and Defiled crypt. The cemetery has a spawn point for an elite right where you zone in, and the defiled crypt has spawn points for 3 elite packs.

Then it is off to Festering Woods, where there are elite packs that can spawn and a recurring event with elites. There are a couple of dungeons as well, that are really short and always have at least one elite.

Next up is Cathedral level 3, where you have a spawn point by the WP again.

Finally we end up the run with Leoric’s Manor, which adds another few elite spawn points.

All in all, you have a potential of 20-25 elite spawns and the run takes around 20-25 minutes. That’s a lot of shots at iLvl 63 gear and items!

However, you do need the gear to do this in a fast enough fashion, to make it worth your while. So this is most likely if you are tired of doing Warden/butcher runs and you want to do something else. This makes good sense, since they did buff the loot of packs in patch 1.0.3. Now you are guaranteed a rare with a full NV stack. To keep things balanced Blizzard did knock down the loot of bosses, so that you are only guaranteed 1 rare, with a high probability of another with a full NV stack.

An alternative to Act 1 item farming

If you don’t have the gear to do this fast, an alternative is running Arreat Crater on Nightmare or Hell difficulty. It gives around 300-400k/hour with the possibility of much higher gold/hour when you get the routine down. Check out my guide to the best D3 goldfarming spot currently.

6 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Inferno magic-find item farming run”

    1. nerfed it big time i guess.

      no more elites, even smaller now and the dungeon itself does not spawn everytime anymore

    2. It happened to me too. They’re not always there, sometimes I get only 2 elites. But at least it’s a small map, so you don’t have to waste much time

  1. Good run! Fast and with a lot of gold and items.

    Just a tip. After leoric’s Mansion go outside, to the hunting grounds. In the little square you’ll find one or two packs, that give great stuff. I’ve found two lengendaries there :D.

    Keep up the good work.

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