The best diablo 3 gold farm spot for easy goldfarming

The best D3 farming guide to fast and easy gold farming

Update August 2012: I have heard this run has been nerfed, but haven’t had time to test it out myself extensively. If you aren’t getting much gold, try running Act 3 Siegebreaker on NM/Hell instead and see if it pays off better.

This is the area I have been goldfarming for the last few weeks and anybody can really do it. It doesn’t take any super awesome gear, you don’t need a high DPS and you don’t really need to be any specific class to do this. In the recent patch 1.0.3 chest loot was nerfed, so MF no longer affected the drops from the chest. This was done in an effort to hit botting of chests. Instead of getting Warden to work properly, Blizzard instead worsens everyone’s gameplay. Not the best way of doing it, but it does look like it has stabilized the economy a bit. However, with this MF nerf, gold find is looking really good as a way to farm the fastest and easiest gold.

This is a guide to do just that: the best spot for fast and easy farming of D3 gold! I usually get around 500k gold an hour doing this, but if you get lucky, you can get almost a million an hour!

Nightmare Arreat crater is where you want to be

Forget about farming Inferno. It takes too long and with the new repair costs, repairs have become 6 times as expensive, so you can’t afford to die. So you really have to find a spot, that lets you faceroll through mobs. This leaves some of the lower difficulties for us.

We also want to get fast Nephalem Valor, so we need lots of elite and champion packs. Once we have our full 5 stack of Nephalem, then we need lots and lots of mobs and high chances of chests, treasure goblins and more elite packs.

Finally we need all of this in as compact an area as we can get, so we can do fast runs, and we need to be able to easily repeat these runs.

There is one spot in Diablo 3 that fits the bill perfectly for fast and easy goldfarming and that is in Arreat Crater level 1 and 2. You can zone in to the Core of Arreat, run to the WP and teleport to Arreat crater level 1 and then level 2, finish up in the two towers for some easy elite spawns, then TP and sell and easily repeat this.

For the best and easiest gold farming run, this is the gear you might want

Because we are running nightmare, you don’t really need that much gear. As long as you keep your DPS over 10k, then you can breeze through the zone. This leaves us with the choice to focus on finding cheap gold find gear on the AH. You can pretty easily get to 200% gold find, by getting level 55-60 pieces that have 15-17% gold find on them. Don’t be afraid to get pieces that don’t have your main stat on them, as long as they have gold find and are cheap.

You will have a problem getting cheap gold find amulets and rings, but keep looking and you will find those bargains.

Get at least one piece with increased pickup radius. Even +6 to radius makes a huge difference in your overall speed.

Make sure your boots have +movement on them as well. If a run takes 1 minutes less with runspeed on, you have effectively increased your gold/hour by 10-15%. These can be a bit expensive as well, since movement speed is also really nice to have in Inferno due to increased micro being needed.

Your offhand needs to have gold find as well, so you will need a decent main hand to maintain your DPS. This shouldn’t be a problem, since 700-750 DPS mainhands have come down in price significantly.

Your follower needs to be decked out in gold find gear as well, seeing as you get 20% of his gold find. I use the templar, because he can wear a shield and you can get cheap gold find shields. If you can’t find a decent gold find offhand for yourself, you can also run with a shield.

Diablo 3 farming - best wizard gear for fast easy D3 farming
This is my Wizard stats in max gold find gear. Note that this is unbuffed.

In short, the more gold find you have, the more gold you will get!

The best D3 Wizard build for gold farming

I run this with my wizard and it works really well. You have a huge advantage as ranged, since you don’t have to run to the mobs. It can be done as melee with no problems, but you will do some more running and that will detract from your overall gold/hour.

This is the wizard build I run for this type of goldfarming. You don’t need any single target damage, you don’t need any survival as such, you want all your damage to be alpha, up front damage and you want it to AOE if possible.

Diablo 3 farming - best wizard build for easy gold farming in D3
My prefered wizard build for fast and easy gold farming in D3

My main damage dealers are venom hydra and the wide disintegration beam. The venom hydra works really well, because you can drop it at the edge of the screen and it starts doing its magic, shooting beyond your line of sight, as you run up to it. Since we are in an area with waves of mobs, it is really beneficial to use, that the venom hydra leaves pools of venom that do damage as the mobs run over it. If you manage to set up venom pools in choke points on the map, you don’t have to do much yourself.

The disintegration beam is nice, because it punches through mobs and covers a large area of the screen. It’s fast and you only really need to touch thrash mobs to explode them in gooey delightness. this means you can rake waves with it and the venom hydra does the rest.

I use storm armor and have increased damage on it. Even with a one hander, ranged mobs almost one-shot themselves when they hit me.

Blizzard is when you have really huge piles of mobs, and you can’t really see what is dead and alive. Cover the area in Blizzards and collect the loot.

Diamond skin isn’t really needed, but you can get unlucky and pull two elite packs at once and have some bad affixes to them, so you get chain stunned. Diamond skin usually gets you out most sticky situations.

The best spots for the best gold farming in D3

This farming guide starts in Act 3-7-“Kill azmodan”. You start in Bastion, so WP to “The Core of Arreat”.

Diablo3farming - easy, fast Diablo 3 goldfarming guide - page 1
Diablo 3 goldfarming guide – page 1

Then run all the way to the end of the map to get the checkpoint right before Azmodan’s lair. This way, you start at his lair on subsequent runs and you can run straight to the WP and WP to Arreat Crater level 1. - easy, fast Diablo 3 goldfarming guide - page 2
Diablo 3 gold farming guide – page 2

In the core, there are spawn points for 3 elites and 2 treasure goblins, so on later runs you could end up with 3 Nephalem Valor stacks from running through the core alone.

WP to “Arreat Crater level 1″ and run through the map. If you hit a dead end and it takes too long to run back to unexplored parts of the map, then TP and WP to the next part of the farming guide. By minimizing the time spent running around doing nothing, you really knock up the gold/hour farmed. If you don’t have a full Nephalem Valor stack before you have to move on, don’t worry. This is only one run out of many, and later runs will give you better luck!

The key to getting the most gold per hour lies in getting your Nephalem Valor fast and then mowing down waves of mobs and elite packs you run in to. A typical wave of Stygian Crawlers drops a few thousand gold and these are the most prevalent type of mobs. - easy, fast Diablo 3 goldfarming guide - page 3
D3 goldfarming guide – page 3

You only want to kill large groups of mobs, so don’t bother with the underground worms, runners or loners. “Piles of bones” don’t drop anything, so forget those. “Infernal Cocoons” and chests should always be opened, since they drop gold. The recent chest nerf only hit magic find, so gold find still works on chests and it is not uncommen to get 2000 gold from a chest or 1000 gold from a cocoon.

I vendor everything except yellow +experience weapons. You really don’t want to mess around with selling stuff for 500 gold on the AH, when you could use that time to farm. In the time it takes you to pricecheck and AH 10 items worth 5000 gold, you could do almost a full gold farming run worth 50,000 gold. The key is optimizing your time! The yellow +experience you have a shot at selling for more than 1000 gold, so if I feel it can be done, then I AH it. However, lately I have just been selling everything, because time taken to make a decision whether to AH it or not, could be better spent farming. Speed, speed, speed! This is also why +movement on boots is so important!

Don’t bother checking every nook and cranny of a map. Just do a quick run through, pick up the large easy groups of mobs, then move on! If you miss a chest, you will hit it the next time around.

After having done both Arreat Craters, I hit the two towers: Tower of the Damned, level 1 and Tower of the Cursed, level 1. In Tower of the damned, I head to the right, just down the stairs. This short passage has spawn points for 2 or 3 elite packs and 2 treasure goblins and with a full Nephalem Valor stack, this is time extremely well spent. I don’t see other guides recommending this, but it works really well.

In Tower of the Cursed, I head to the left and down the stairs. The same applies here: 2 elite packs and 2 treasure goblins can spawn in here, so time well spent! - easy, fast Diablo 3 gold farming guide - page 4
D3 goldfarming guide – page 4

Finally I TP out and vendor everything. Don’t forget to check the supply chest by the vendor. I get anything from 1 gold to 1000 gold from the chest, so sometimes a nice little surprise! - easy, fast Diablo 3 goldfarming guide - page 5
Diablo 3 gold farming guide – page 5

The whole run takes anything between 6-12 minutes and gives anything between 40k gold and 90k gold after selling. Best case scenario with fast run times and high loot could give you upwards of 900,000 gold per hour. It’s not very likely, but half of that is doable, once you get the run down and know when to TP out and head to the next step in the farming guide.

So there you have it! My farming guide to fast and easy Diablo 3 gold in one of the best farming spots in D3. Get farming, ya lazy bum!

If you prefer working the auction house, be sure to read my Diablo 3 AH strategy guide to flipping and pricing items.

Don’t forget to head on over to Facebook and visit Diablo3farming. I posted a sneak preview of the visuals to the farming guide yesterday, and I also post videos and AH ideas over there, that are too short to warrant a full article.

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  1. Nice guide… but do you have any for lower Act’s? i cant get to act 3… :( btw verry nice guide but its a shame the website is…. how it is… mail me… maybe i can help

    1. If you are stuck at a low level, get some +exp gear and run act 2.2 – lieutenant Wachem over and over. Do normal 5-30, hell 31-50, NM 51-60. NM does take some fiddling around with gear and skills to not get wasted constantly, but it’s doable.

        1. To get 500K per hour i think we shoud do this in Hell… But to get 200% GF and rush hell is not that easy.

          1. hey admin … upload a video and show us how to do it ‘the right way’ …. ^^ … thankx

          2. working on getting some capture software. The gold/hour is very random, like everything else in Diablo 3, so the higher end of the interval is if the stars are right, you pull 10 elite packs and 5 treasure goblins in very short runs and you get lucky with the drops. But if it’s random….it can happen…once in a blue moon!

          3. Admin, If you could make a video that would be great! =)

            Now I’m at 291% GF and 200K-260K per hours.

            I bought shoes with 12% runspeed but I still will do it in 25 min.

            By the way, Thank you for your awesome blog =)

    1. My 0% GF pure defensive monk done 120k per hour (3 runs) on Hell. And still awaits profit for this run from AH. Not bad at all, imo.

    2. 20-25 minute runs are just outright too long. Skip over single mobs and don’t chase any that run from you. You’re also not trying to reveal the whole map, either. You’re basically making a straight-shot run. If you get to a dead end, time to TP out and WP to the next area. Especially with run-speed boots, I promise this run shouldn’t take you any more than 15 minutes, and you can likely cut that down to about 10 minutes after practice and familiarity.

  2. This guide is great, I spent 8 – 15 minutes per run, and get about 70 – 90k. So its about
    400k g per hour which is great for me. ( Can go faster but I prefer to enjoy the trip rather than rushed it :p ). Keep posting awesome Guide man, thanks!

  3. How the hell did u do this run in 6 min?

    I did it in 10 min and managed to get only 33k. I have 202% MF.

    1. The 6 minute run is if get bad maps and have to port out early. The gold per hour is very random, so you might get lucky and you might not get lucky.

    2. You don’t want MF. You want GF. Also, don’t forget to give your follower GF gear (as the guide states, you get 20% of his GF). Perhaps you ARE using GF gear and simply mis-stated? Take care.

  4. Thank you very much for writing this. I am curious as to why you dont mention siegebreaker though. Is this more efficient? I guess I’ll find out.

    1. problem is that sarkoth spawn got greatly nerfed, with sometimes having less then 2 encounter in 20 runs…

  5. I’m with Zael on this one… I’m sitting on 200% GF and can do a run easily in about 7 min but I’m averaging 216k an hour. I don’t see how 600k let alone 1 mil an hour is physically possible :\

    1. The thing everyone does not mention if you have a DH and use the ferret ability it increases GF and they collect it for you to me thats an added bonus.

  6. nice guide! gearing up for just that cause!
    good to know that i’m on the right track.

    hopefully i’ll get those amounts of gold as well! :)

  7. this worked pretty well first hour, i got 380k, after a bit of practice im sure i can average 500k. Also, im playing a wiz and using teleport-wormhole to make moving through faster

  8. Great idea going back into nightmare to do this, I just bought a set of GF gear just to try this out, I probably dumped 200k-250k gold into it, but as long as this doesn’t get nerfed I plan on doing it for a while.

    I am a DH with 20kdps and 260%GF and this idea works great for us, Main skills to have so far are – Multishot (1-3 shots everything including champs and it has a huge arc), Vault (to leap and sprint around), Ferret companion (10% GF and they pick up gold piles) and passives to have are tactical advantage (for vaults sprint) and vengeance (to regen hatred and disc).

    Anyways I’ve done several runs and I’ve easily made my money back for my full set I bought in under 2 hours while messing around. I kept track of the time on my last run, I’m still learning it fully and when to TP at the right times, but I did get 70k in 12mins and I know for sure I can speed that up, but thats roughly 560k/hour. I also have a wizzy friend who says he can get 60k-90k per run and it takes him roughly 15mins, and hes only done it several times now so he can only do better.

    This works! It sucks its not working for everyone but if your a DH and thinking of doing this – do it, thanks for posting this and thanks for your website, I view it daily. Sorry for the long post.

    1. So apparently I really screwed my math up last night/this morning…I was up late, anyways I was initially getting roughly 300-350k an hour, then I got some more GF gear, now I can do the run in 10mins and get anywhere from 60-100k per run, made a couple mill doing this already.

      1. I like using hatred to kill mobs, such as with multishot where I can clear a whole group with 1 hit and keep moving, and I also have Evasive fire for left click instead of grenades, it hits harder (125% instead of 95% I beleive it is, 1 shots normal mobs with around 20k dps/1k dps crossbow), it also can hit 3 mobs and it hits instantly since there is no missile flight time + it also works with tactical advantage to give you 60% movement speed for only 4 discipline. I know for sure with my gear that grenades would only slow me down, I clear everything without skipping the level 2 spots and the other one and I can complete it in roughly 10mins…oh and you know its a mystery to me how you can pass up multishot to kill quicker, and the passive skill vengeance so you always have discipline to run constantly at 60%. But hey everyone has there own thing.

  9. I am curious as to whether this might be even better in act 3 hell? ( Given that you are able to mow down mobs almost but not quite the same rate as in nightmare )

    1. If you have the DPS and the gear to handle Hell mobs just as easy as NM mobs, then get more. However, few people have that kind of gear. If you do try it, make sure you keep track of your gold/hour and check if it indeed higher on Hell than on NM!

    1. It can be done, but you don’t get the same waves of mobs as in Arreat, so less gold/hour. If you feel lucky, you can do it, since there are elites spawn points and treasure goblins, but you do miss out on the huge density of mobs.

  10. You rock ass! Im pulling around 160k per run, T- 35mins but ive added Bridge of Korsiick wp and cleared the area and the Ice/Frost cavern while i had 5 stacks of NV.

    1. ….also, Wiz, 255% GF, and between areas, i drop everything on the floor in the Bastion, and sort/identify when done to save NV time…just fyi.

  11. I got 325 GF gear, monk with runspeed + runspeed passive + dashing strike + teleport FoT rune i averaged only about 250-350k/hour and and i’m on my sixth run and cant tell if i’ll get better at this since maps are randoms, large packs of stygian appear at random spots so u cant know the hotspots etc. i feel i can’t optimize this anymore than i already had, but 500k-900k gold is indeed worth it if its possible so i too would like to request a video of how u run this thing :>

    1. I’m monk as well. My setup is 198% GF (quickest cheap stuff I could throw together), only about 7k DPS unbuffed (skills knock it up higher, so it works). Lucky break: one of the GF items had 2000+ thorns damage on it, which actually helps clear packs!
      Left – FoT , thunderclap
      Right – WotHF , spirit rune
      1 – cyclone strike , area rune
      2 – Tempest Rush , movement speed
      3 – Breath of Heal , DPS buff
      4 – MoH , Spirit regen
      I tried this farm today for 1 hour, made just shy of 450k.
      Next time I will try reduced cost rune for cyclone.
      Things that would improve the run: IAS would be nice. spirit regen on several slots would allow MoH to be swapped for movement speed mantra or Overawe, which would help with DPS. Alternatively, with decent item-based spirit regen, you could keep MoH spirit regen and fuel sweeping winds, but I think cyclone is more useful for yanking pesky elites into range.

      1. Oh yeah, passives!
        Movement speed, combination strike (hence the 2 spirit generators), and chant of resonance for extra spirit regen.

        It goes without saying that Tempest rush is a runner’s dream. You fly from big pack to big pack,

        1. Here is my Monk build:!acU!Yaab.b

          I use crippling wave because I usually roll tempest sprint into the middle of mobs and then do 3 attacks with crippling wave and they are dead.

          Alternatively if I have the spirit I use breath of heaven with the AOE which knocks them out in one move. I have noticed less gold dropping with this ability but it could be just me or something to look in to.

          Thirdly, use mystic ally air because his attacks can completely regen your spirit, he has the AOE wind on him and moves fast as hell.

          For passives I use OWE just from habit i guess… The one for lowering cool downs may be better. Fleet footed, and the chant of resonance for reduced spirit cost. I use mantra of evasion with the movement boost and that combined with 12% movement boots you’re capped at 25% movement speed.

          My GF is only around 250k/hour.. think I’ve been running too many levels per run so will try and go exactly by this guide to speed it up a bit. I’ve been pulling in an average of 90k per run.

          Lastly I am going to try thunderclap to check it out to see if the teleport really does improve speed, but I’m skeptical atm.

  12. Hey, i was wondering if you wanted to email me for some information on some good capture programs im using. My first videos were bad, but all the new ones im going to start posting are all 740p HD. There really nice for youtube and my website. If you want to work together, maybe we can come up with a nice run or two for different classes. Since you run range and I run Melee.

    Popas, The Barbarian of

  13. Well i went and bought a gold find set for like 1 mil, so i have about 300 at the get go, im getting about 100k per 15 mins and thats clearing a lot more then i need to. I think i can speed it up to about 10 and prolly get about 90k. Depends on the mobs i guess. Also for those that are wondering, im running it as a barbarian.
    Popas, The Barbarian of

    1. what build u using, and what r ur other stats like damage, armor, and resists, and what follower u use? thx in advance

  14. Hello, it’s me again ! =P

    Now I’m at 301% GF without NV (farming AH for best price for hours ^^’). +12% runspeed and 7K DPS. If I do the entire run, it takes me 20-25 min. Now I stop the run at 12 min and I get 70K-80K per runs. (350-400K per hours). I keep blue and yellow items with GF for AH.

    By the way, I play a wizard with

    Active skills:
    Storm Armor -Power of the Storm- reduce the arcane power cost by 3
    Desintegrate -Chaos Nexus or Volatility- ,
    Teleport -Wormhole-,
    and I recently add Archon -Teleport- in my build. (in Arreat Craters 1-2 with the waves of Stygian Crawlers I can do all the map in Archon form <3 )

    Passive skills :
    Evocation, for reduces cooldowns of Teleport and Archon.
    Glass Cannon for the DPS
    and Critical Mass, which can be usefull if you have more than 10% crit. chance.

    (And sorry for the mistakes in English, I'm French and I still lack of practice ^^')

  15. uhm, i would like to know how u do it in 6 minutes, i can do it in around 10-12 minutes in the worst scenario, where i find the shortest way and get less gold in this way. plus, why do both arreat levels instead to port from arreat level 1 to tower of damned and then tp to arreat lvl 2 and from there directly to tower of cursed… shortest way instead to tp more times.
    Anyway,in 1 hour u can do 250k, maybe 300k if u are uber lucky, but 500/900k is just out of mind (talking about nightmare mode). obviously if u do it in hell mode, there is a chance to do more, but obviously it is slower due to the bad equip (tested :P).

    if u want i’m up to make a test togheter in 1 hour farm and then we check how much we got.

    anyway, good guide and keep it :)

  16. I have 301% gold find and do runs in hell difficulty also act 1 inferno, The best you can get is 200-300k an hour not including items,It’s all been nerfed!
    Pathetic attempt to try and get us all buying gold,Too bad I will just keep grinding away even if it now takes 3 times longer Blizzard. Some of us like chasing treasure goblin,Some of us like smashing pots and killing trash mobs, This latest patch now has everyone skipping everything in game to get to elites an bosses as hitting anything else will cost you durability which costs you gold that is now harder to get! Taken the fun away from the game,Not happy.

  17. I do the runs in hell with my barb 225% gf (300% with 5 valor) and takes me about 30 minutes. I get about 125k gold and after selling the blues and golds (found roughly 30-40 yellows, 50-80 blues) And on the plus side of doing it in hell you have a chance of finding some decent stuff. BUT not the 500k an hour i was hoping.

    1. What build do u use? and wats ur damage, armor, resists, and other stats if u dont mind me asking

    2. Been trying to optimize this with my barb. Using Leap and Furious Charge ( Mercilous Assault rune ) to help increase my speed with +12% move. It does speed up but its basically a drive by, you run in kill and run out. Ive got it to about 12-17 minutes a run and getting 50-80k. But thats barely 300k an hour. Ive got 225% mf and 300 with 5 Valor.

      1. Primary Secondary
        Cleave (broad sweep) Whirlwind (hurricane)

        Defensive Might
        Leap (call of arreat) Furious Charge (Merciless Assault)

        Tactics Rage
        Battle Rage (marauders rage) Berserker (insanity)

        Nerves of steel Inspiring Presence Unforgiving
        Regular Rage
        Str 1,200
        Int 875
        Vit 750
        Arm 5,200
        DPS 8,000 10,500
        Life 26,000
        Physical 550
        Everything else 430

  18. thank you so much for the post, using your suggestions i’m getting 300k an hour. 322% GF with NV5.

    given that i’m lvl 60, i modified the build a little bit.

    use lightning hydra instead of poison, as lightning hits 100% of the time and is instant, better for fast paced runs.

    wave of force with reduced cooldown, instead of blizzard… less thinking involved and hits a wider range all around me.

  19. Great Guild.

    Wiz w/10k dps, 241% GF before NV. Getting 4-11k per run. Around 10mins per run. So I’m getting 450k/hr.


      1. That is insanely low. I only have about 110% GF and in on average of 8-12 minute runs, I make about 28-32k a run.

  20. I´m doing each run in around 10-15min, and i´m getting around 300-350k gold per hour with 280 gold find with 5NV. I know I should have more GF, but I see imposible to get 500k per hour.

  21. I’m sorry but your entire article is extremely sensationalist. Yes it’s POSSIBLE to get a million in an hour, say, if you get insanely lucky and get a legendary or set piece with max affixes. But solely from vendoring and GF, you just aren’t raking in 500k “on average.”

    Whenever you get that video capture thing going (or just join a game with me and show me what you do differently maybe?), I’d like to see how this 500k on average is working out for you. Overall, I think this is a fine idea, but you’re completely blowing it out of the water and exaggerating.

    It’s far more likely, from my and pretty much EVERYONE else’s, experience to pull in 200k/hr once you’re comfortable with about 200% base GF, up to 350ish/hr once you optimize and get maybe 250% GF.

    For what it’s worth, I was also running a monk with ms boots, ms passive, FoT + thunderclap on left click, tempest rush + ms rune on right click, and passive aoe skills for instant death at a near constant +50% movespeed.

    1. well, consistently hitting the really high gold per hour is not going to happen. So no, you won’t make 1 million an hour 10 hours in a row doing this. However, you can get lucky hitting a 6 minute run that yields 100k and you can get extremely, insanely lucky doing this 10 times in a row, giving you 1 mill an hour. Not very likely, but possible. This is RNG in action :) More likely you are looking at 400-500k per hour (10 minute runs netting you 70k) and with the borked loot in Inferno and the repair costs, that kind of money is quite respectable.

      So yes, quite sensationalistic! But that is what works for me and I prefer it over boring, bland articles :) Might as well paint a pretty picture, when you have the brushes out ;)

      1. Alright alright, I see where you’re coming from, you’re writing for an audience and all, w/e.

        But just to note, a 6 minute run still has to include identifying, selling/salvaging blues, and restarting the instance, NOT TO MENTION the time you do eventually have to spend on the AH selling the stuff you kept.

        I agree that this method is a reliable method for gold farming, however, when you tally up all the time costs, it will still not get you 500k an hour. An hour that includes some sellable drops will push your gain up to 400k, but as someone else said 200-400k is far more likely.

        Also just wanted to say, thanks for all the information and taking the time to write this up and stuff, definitely a worthwhile article

  22. Ive been doing this for a few days now and I like it, I would make one amendment:

    I do Arreat Crater 1 last. reason is that is the most randomized map out of the 5, and too often im at 4 stacks wandering around that place getting farther from the exit each time. so for the last few runs this is my order:

    Core -> Crater 2 > tower (since you can just walk through the door at the end of crater 2) -> the other tower (Damned) -> crater 1 (since the door to crater 1 is right there too =).. which i just clear as much as I can until it looks like id have to backtrack too much to find mobs, thats when I end my run.

    Also I seem to fill up inv before I finish every time and the gold difference between most rares vs blues is minimal. Adding up the time to identify and check every rare was getting cumbersome so now I only pick up blues and some of the more naturally expensive rare item types (monk helms seem to sell high to vendor for example) which i just toss in my stash and identify at the end of the hour.

    After 15 or 16 runs like this Im down to avg 9 mins and 70k gold (@ 200% gf)

    BTW this is as Barbarian. I am running warcry – sprint – enrage – earthquake (for quick cleanup of tougher elites. The warcry – sprint combo is ideal since you can warcry to get enough fury for sprint even if there are no mobs around. I have frenzy with movement speed rune as well, and whirlwind since you can keep moving while taking out big packs. (and I run past any mobs in groups less then 4, most of the time they chase and catch up to me in time to die amongst the next big group of mobs I run into)

    Anyways TY for this blog, it has been most helpful =D

    – Radbug

    1. That’s interesting. My farming gear has MF on it too, so that actually HINDERS speed by your method, as I naturally get more yellows as drops. I never thought about not picking up yellows. :`( Depending on how bored I get, I even pick up whites and TP to sell every dang thing. Haha. But will have to rethink “don’t pick up yellows” and see how that goes.

    2. What are the Yellows you pick up? Weapons? Monk Helms? Can you list the few that are worth picking up? I want to optimize my run times as well. I run as wizard, 224 gf, 450 all resistances, 44% damage reduction for level 60 enemies with 17k dps, and am still deciding between farming hell and NM. Hell takes significantly longer (15+ mins vs 10) and I am wondering if it gives 50% more gold to make up for this. I don’t think it does. But anyways, thanks for the suggestions on run order, I also modified the run order to be more like yours, and would like to know what yellows are worth keeping. Thanks to admin for the initial suggestion!

      1. I pick everything up and sell everything. If you have luck selling yellow +XP weapons or gear, do that. I have just selling everything.

  23. also dont forget the Pickup Radius bonus! IT IS VERY VERY HELPFUL.

    @fefe : I was running hell whimsy for days before i read this guide and I was only getting avg 150k an hour. (getting 5 stacks in crypts first) so this has easily doubled my speed (as a barbarian though, it might be less drastic for ranged toons)

    one last thing: I did actually get slightly more gold doing inferno act 1 forest runs (ie I was just sprinting through all the open areas clearing the elite packs) but the repair costs were easily taking away more of the profit each run so besides the better loot drops, this guide is better for gold. (sarkoth runs still have their place though, especially when waiting for friends to finish a butcher run for example, or when you have 10 mins left on a Bid on AH for example. Not to mention sarkoth runs with a friend are much harder to maintain then this guide is for group farming)

  24. I will never ever believe that this run can yield more than 500k an hour. U just cant move fast enough and some runs u don’t even get the full 5 stacks til ur already at arreat lvl 2. Id have to call shananigans on the admin and say he’s just padding his own numbers. That being said. Still a solid, easy run with worthwhile profit.

  25. Hi admin – do you pick up whites to vender? I’ve done it a couple of times to see what the differential is, but I can’t seem to peg down an increased (or decreased) average over time spent doing it. Just wanted to get your take – it seemingly doesn’t take more than just a minute or two, but that can mean a large jump; I just wanted to see if you’ve already attempted the calculation and got any numbers to share.

  26. It’s more like 200-400k per hour,rather than 400-500k per hour.

    Dont forget to include the time spent vendoring blues/yellows and identifying yellows into the total time spent for your entire run,because it gives inflated figures.

    1. Yes and no. if you include vendoring gold in your total then yes. Otherwise if you don’t then no.

  27. This is the core build for my DH build:!abX!bb.bZ

    For the Passive, Tactical Advantage is a must. You only need either Vengeance or Nightstalker. You can choose something that can boost your DPS on the last passive slot.

    I don’t really think I need to explain how this build works, but just in case, this is how this build works:

    The 2 core skills for this build is Multishot with Suppression Fire and Preparation with Punishment. Your Multishot will fill up your Discipline so you can keep using Vault for faster traveling time. When you’re low on Hatred, you can use either Evasive Fire or Preparation (remember Preps has no CD) to fill up your Hatred Bar.

    With the amount of mobs in this place (Scorpions) and either Night Stalker or Vengeance, you will never run out of Hatred or Discipline, You pretty much one shot every mobs and keep moving at a really fast pace.

    This is basically what you will do: Multishot, Tumble, Multishot, Tumble, Multishot, Tumble (with Evasive Fire as needed in between).

    And also remember that you will need +pickup radius item. ~21-28 yards is enough. You can open a chest and simply walk away and still pick up the gold that the chest drop.

    Let me know if you have any questions and have fun trying this build

    1. Thanks for good idea, I’ll try tonight but the problem is hard to find cheap item with + gold find and pickup radius

  28. I have made a video of my run. I did Core>ToD1>ToC1>AC1>AC2. 11 mins. 56868G = 310K per hour. I had bad luck with drops, but it might be a better idea to just not pick anything up. I have zero + pickup range, so I spend a bit more time running around than I should. This was also Hell difficulty not nightmare. Nightmare would be faster. I skipped last half of Act III and almost all of Act IV in Nightmare, so I don’t have the Waypoints yet to try this run on Nightmare. I think 500K/hr or more is achievable with the proper setup and gear, (+pickup range), while face-rolling elites. If the admin would like me to upload the video, I would be more than happy to submit it or link it. I will try to capture a Nightmare run if I ever decide to back track and complete the Act.

  29. I’ve done this as a monk, and i get at least 150-180k an hour. 1 run takes me at least 30 minutes if i’m cleaning the whole map.

  30. I think people are also missing that this guide was put up before 1.03 and some of the gold drops may have been.. . .yet again nerfed

  31. Ok so i went from farming Act 1 Inferno elites with the chances of getting a few 10-20k yellows with that being a low chance to this and now I’m getting 300-400k a hour with low GF only got about 200% with my cheap gear i bought for around 150-200k counting my followers GF gear. I do these runs in about 13-15 minutes still only done like 5 runs so I KNOW i can easily shave off a good 3-5 minutes of that no doubt with better cool down management ( ill explain in a sec) this is really nice going from Act 1 farming with a chance at something nice to instant GOLD in hand. If i may try to contribute a little to this guide OP. Im a Barb running with this setup which seems to be really nice. I run with war cry with the rune that makes it generate 60 rage thus giving me more rage to continually spend on sprint. Ive noticed with these runs on my barb i can keep my fury up with charge and leap and war cry to keep up sprint for about 80% of the time. I run this setup instead without berserker because I’m doing this run on Nightmare as the guide states and seeing that stuff dies so fast i don’t really need any damage spells except charge ( frenzy but thinking of switching to cleave ) and revenge. I don’t even stop for elite packs my charge practically kills them so i decided to stick with these spells for the movement and getting through these quicker.

    Just wanted to say thanks again for this guide i kno a lot of ppl are bashing ya for saying its not making as much as stated in the guide but its still much better then farming act 1 inferno in my honest opinion. The RNG in Diablo is absurd right now and i kno a lot of ppl are in the same place as me just wanting a few mil to deck out my toon to then dominate my way through the rest of inferno.

    1. nice profit rate, almost 100k in 10 minutes, i think it would still be profitable to pick up the blues, salvaging the level 61+ gear gets you a min of 1k a pop on the auction house, and the salvage stacks so it shouldnt slow you down much, also, one of the gem types goes for about 1k a pop too

  32. Hi, i’ve read the guide and i’m trying it since a few days.

    I’ve a barbarian with 12% movement speed on boots, 200% gf without nv and 10m extra on radious. Still i can’t do more than 170-200k per hour. Where am i wrong? Someone can help me? I mean someone with a barbarian like me if possible ^^

    Sorry for my bad english but i’m italian XD

    Thank you very much!

  33. I would appreciate another comment or two on optimizing time. When doing this run, I find it hard to tell which branches are going to be dead ends and which aren’t, and long dead ends = lots of wasted time running back. I’m a monk, so that makes it tougher, but I’d like to know how you handle this. Thanks!

    1. If the branches are dead ends and it takes a while to run, I just tp out and go WP to the next one on the list. And I’m a wizard with teleport setup.


  34. A way is to memorate the routes because the maps in time repeats so eventually you will learn where is the good way and where is the death end :) hope it helps

  35. each time i do this run i earn less :(
    runs in order by number
    after the fifth run i stopped cause my earning were almost cut in half from what i started at :(
    is this supposed to happen???

    1. What?

      That looks like some really really rare/bad luck is all.

      There is no mechanic in the game that decreases earnings from farming the same spot over and over.

      If there was, people would never have done Sarkoth runs 1000 times per day.

  36. Hey man, wouldnt it be better to get Nephalem on the towers first and then after gettin’ 5 stacks go to the Crater? I havent done enough tries to have the data to back this up, just an idea.


    1. The idea is going where there are the most mobs, and that is in the craters. Getting NV isn’t your primary goal, since you should have a decent set of GF before you start. The NV is just an added bonus :) But as always, try both, see what you like the most and do that!

  37. thought i’d post some numbers i’ve been coming up with.
    some of you might find this a good read especially if you play
    monk because im on the verge of making 600k a hour.

    I’ve been doing act 3 gold runs for a while now, so i’ve been looking into ways to make it better and came across this blog, but the numbers are just way off…
    250-400 sounds about right… I dont see how 900 could come into effect.
    maybe it’s possible but thats like saying that you could get a legendary item from every monster you kill….hey it COULD happen.

    anyway I was ranging about 3-350k a hour from doing hell runs..
    sometimes close to 400k. after reading this I tried to go back to nightmare and I got like 250-300.

    after getting my run time groove down and getting some more gold find
    I went up to about the same 3-350k a hour…nvr realy 400k

    I recently got 400K+ (in NM) after one minor change….. but first i’ll go into my stats.

    I play monk and I’m geared to do hell runs.
    I have about 4k armor w/o the monk dex bonus. which doubles that
    273 – 356 (for hells runs) resistance to all (with monk skill)
    15-17k damage, 48 crit chance, 188 crit damage
    12 movement speed from shoes – 10 from fleet footed monk skill.
    19 yard pickup radius.
    and about 253 gold find — 348? with 5 stacks…

    I started getting 400k once I added in my tempest rush skill, which increases movement speed by 25%… giving me 47% movement speed (WEEEEE)

    I then started looking into spirit regen. and found that I can get 11.25 per sec.
    3 from mentra of healing (circular breathing)
    2 from Change of resonance
    3 from Sweeping wind (Inner Storm)
    2.07 from my helm (which is slotted and has 13% gold find)
    and finally 25% from The guardians path – with a 2 handed weapon

    by doing this I can use tempest rush 24/7 (drains 10 spirit every sec) and with my damage, my sweeping wind kills everything rather quickly. also running into monsters with temp rush recharges my wind. the only down side is I loose 17% gold find from my shield…

    I just now ran into this feat and my internet is being rather shity,
    but with 47% movement speed. 18k Damage and about 236 GF (without buff) I can still gain about 10k in one Core of Arreat run… which I can now do in about 1 min or less… I need to double check on the time due to lag BUT.. I shouldn’t be off by much…I’m also going to look into other areas. lvl 1 lvl 2 etc.
    thus, by doing just one lvl – the lvl which is the fastest / produces the most gold.
    I should be able to gain about 600k a hour.

    sry for the long post but I wana also state that when I was doing my runs
    I would WP the the bridge after the core and b4 lvl 1. By running the the left and then heading north east I could come across some good mobs and 1-2 more elite stacks.

    never found the towers to be worth doing until I got my 47% movement speed.
    but even then I’d just do core -> bridge -> lvl 1 -> lvl 2 -> Repeat.
    this is because the elites and golems weren’t always a guaranty.

    I did however WP to the towers if lvl 1 or lvl 2 crater runs came to a dead end…
    I would wp to the tower that came after it and then run threw the gate to lvl 1 / 2 and do the run backwards to try to cover as much area as possible.

    Hope you guys find this info useful…
    don’t threat on not getting over 300k a hour,
    and don’t bother thinking that gearing for hell will change things.

      1. thx, i’ll try to keep you updated on my experiments.
        kinda bummed that the games is down, it’s my only day off this week… go fig.

        1. after a few runs, the core can give out 5-10k
          I tryed doing just the core -> bridge
          and ran about 40k every 10 min, if not more
          thats close to 500k
          this is without picking up any items.
          1 core bridge run takes me about 5 min and produces a recorded 33-50k each time.

          1. My story sounds extremely similar to yours (can read it below) but I was using Tempest Rush from the very beginning and while 400k per hour is possible it’s not the norm, it’s closer to 300k like you originally said.

            So, even for us realllyyyy fast Monks, it’s not that great compared to Sarkoth.

          2. What exactly are you clearing at the bridge? Are you going into the caves for a chest or just clearing mobs outside?

  38. These seems no where near as efficient as Sarkoth farming.

    I have ~300% GF with 11k DPS, 22% Movement Speed + I use Tempest Rush near infinite because of Spirit Regen that increases movement speed by 25%.

    I can do more in 10 minutes than what most other people can clear in 15+ minutes and I’m only making out at 60-70k average per run. Sometimes I get lucky and it’s closer to 100k, most other times it’s around 60k.

    So in my 6 runs per hour (6 10 minute runs) I’m netting around 360k gold per hour, even if I’m generous and say 400-450k per hour, I make that doing Sarkoth and it’s much easier, although it may be a bit more boring I guess.

    The thing is, it’s more consistent with Sarkoth and you also have to pay more attention with this.

    For anyone that can stand it, I would stick with Sarkoth. Take it from a Monk who can move ridiculously fast.

      1. Further clarification, I still think this was a great blog guide you wrote and it’s still a very good spot! Didn’t mean to come off as ungrateful.

  39. Hi,

    Thank you everyone, for the guide and comments. This allowed me to find a way of making 400K per hour (at least). I just experimented today and I can improve that score probably to 500K/h tomorrow.

    What I can tell is, with that this guide, cannot make 900K/h lol. Barely 250K/h.

  40. I’m wondering whether this has been hotfixed in 1.0.3b. My monk is able to clear this run in a little under 10 min, including selling. I’m ignoring all yellow items, because the “discovery” process is a waste of time for a mere 100-300g.

    I’ve done this run for 2 hours now, and with 290% gold find, am averaging only about 50k per run. So that’s about 300k per hour, but no auctionable items to show for the time. I have a magic find set for act 1 already, so this doesn’t really seem worth my time.

    1. Hm, ok, after some further reading about Tempest Rush, I’m actually going to revise my previous statement. If you’re able to keep Sweeping Wind active, this things actually become a lot easier if you’re just channeling TR the entire time. It takes a bit of gear, though. I would suggest having at least a bit of crit so that the wind stacks build quickly.

      The specialized gear dependence kind of defeats the purpose of this being a “cheap, easy run,” but plowing through mobs at high speed does have a certain amount of laugh value, so I’m going to say kudos to that.

  41. I don’t understand how people are not getting more gold. I have 225% GF and can do this run between 8 and 12 minutes and avg 90K to 150K each run and I don’t even have a follower. I already knew about this run and have been doing it for weeks and made roughly 25 mil.

  42. I don’t get why people don’t do the two towers right after core, before the craters? core is usually giving you 2 stacks of NV, and with the two towers, you get to stack 5 NV before you move to the craters, where the big groups of monsters are. Thats where you really want to have your stack all the way up.

    It’s all about boosing your NV asap, and this is guaranteed to boost it before you start to encounter the big groups in the crater. With the elites/champions, it doesnt matter what order you take them out in, as you will encouter the same number regardless of the order, resulting in the same number of yellows (as in, the amount of yellows you will get from elites/champions due to NV stack is unaffected by the order you take them out in). However, getting your NV stack up asap will have a huge impact on the total amount of gold you will collect during a run.

    Just my $0.2. Awesome guide btw :)

  43. i’m doing about 250k per hour… 10 min per run with 214 GF with my wd… i wonder how ppl are doing 500k lol. maybe i shouldnt rush as much as i do and make sure i get all chest ? any how, i guess i will get more used to it eventually and make more money… still, im far from the 500k-1m per hour promised :/ any tips?

  44. Honestly, I don’t get how you got even 500K per hour. I’m with some people here, right now with 224% GF and 8-10 minutes per run still maximum I got in an hour is just close to 200K. I even tried it on hell still its nowhere near the amount expected.

    Maybe it will be more helpful if you could post a video about your equipments and your run. Other than that, great blog for putting this up.

  45. I don’t understand why you don’t just start at the arreat crater 1 quest and play through the rest of the act. Your essentially starting at the end and doing it backwards, is it to purposefully avoid cydaea?

  46. i farmed arreat crater after new 1.04 patch. i had approx. 50% less gold per run than before the patch. anyone made the same experience here? maybe they nerfed this spot? cheers…

  47. So gold find has been nerfed, and AH price inflation is still rising…. Greeeeeaaat…
    Does this strategy still work with the latest patches? what’s the net rate?

    1. I haven’t had time to check, but I hear it has been nerfed. Try something like Siegebreaker runs on hell or nightmare instead :)

  48. I am going to try this with the witch doctor. I was fighting goons on normal and the locust ability creates a chain reaction against monsters. It could quite possibly contend with disintegrate. Plus the manitou ability acts as bombardment so all u really need to do is run, and spit out locust swarm and it will kill an entire group if they r close to each other.

  49. Can someone please make some runs in this area and tell me if it has been nerfed or not? I am a 60lvl Monk and I need to begin upgrading my gear so gold farming it is…

  50. Completed 3 nightmare runs (act III seigebreaker: Bridge of korsick to azmodan) at 164% gf, was raking an average 100k per run

  51. I will try this tonight… I do not have the GF you guys have but will post what my GF is, how much I make, and total time required for me.

  52. any news with 1.05 patch? lately, I have been doing act 1 inferno at MP level 2, i peak at 400% early now with the gold cap. I average around 2.5k per gold drop plus rares and blues. I have been raking 200k in less than an hour now.

  53. Loven this guide, found it about an hour ago, and in that hour, first time trying it and everything, with 308% GF I’ve made around 260-300k/in an hour. Awesome guide!!!!

  54. I just did this run with my full GF gear for the first time, on Nightmare with MP10 my GF was at +353% unbuffed. Once I hit 5 NV stacks and found a fortune shrine I was at over 500%. The run took me a while cos it was my first time, but in about 30 mins I pulled about 90k, not too shabby. Working on getting my time down now, I think the main problem is I’m running a WD right now, so having to stop and cast is slowing me down a bit.

  55. First run on Nightmare MP10 i brought in 150k in about 15 mins, with starting gold find @ 350% with full nef buff around 450%, kinda helps me that I am Paragon lvl 11 but 150k from just going through the Arreat crater 1 straight through to Azmodan is not bad at all, running my DH who also has +6 pick up radius and +21% movespeed.

  56. Thanks for the guide, i just tried it and it really works!
    My gold cap is around 240% and since i use the Sever “glitch” i almost 1 hit everyone in HELL difficulty. So now i figured out this build so I can whirlwind everyone the fck down at 50% sprint spreed without going out of fury, its awesome! thanks bro ;)
    1 question, does the monster power level really matters for the drop rate?
    Should i go to Nightmare MP10 instead of Hell?

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