Leveling fast in Diablo 3 – update

Level extremely fast in Diablo 3 without needing any gear – an update

A couple of days ago, I wrote about how to level extremely fast from 1-60 in D3 without needing any special gear or setup.

Basically you used an in-game event to take out large groups of mobs and then resetting the game. That would allow you to do it again and again. The whole thing doesn’t take more than 10-15 seconds and you just need to time it, rather than being able to DPS the mobs down.

The method is extremely, mind numbingly boring to do for long periods of time (or short for that matter!), but you do level every 10-15 minutes, allowing you to level from 1-60 in a matter of 8-10 hours. If you add in +experience gear for even faster leveling in D3, you can knock off quite a bit of time.

Update on using the metod to level fast

I have run the method on my wizard, and I have found the following to be true:

  • If you are undergeared for your level, you need to wait for the guard to almost finish talking. You can skip his speech by tapping space (Thanks, Mike, for that comment!). Then run and gather up the mobs. This allows the damage event to take place, without you taking too much damage. Use your class abilities to control the mobs and stay alive.
  • If you are geared for your level and have AOE abilities that can take out thrash mobs, then you don’t need to wait for the guard to finish. Just start running right away and use the 2-3 seconds you use to get to the stairs to buff up. Gather up the mobs, stun them and hit your big AOE. Then clean up the remaining big mobs with you main ability.
  • Don’t bother picking up loot, but do be sure to run over gold. Picking up loot will only net you a few thousand an hour, but then you have to vendor it. If you really want to power level and you really need faster leveling, then just focus on gold…if it isn’t out of your way.
  • I have heard some players don’t get the mortar hit. This just means you need to gear up a bit, to be able to take out thrashmobs in a single AOE hit. If you can do this, you can still make insane XP, especially if you combine it with +experience gear. Nowhere else in the game, can you be guaranteed to run in to this large a group of mobs every 10-15 seconds and when you combine this with +experience on kill items, it is still some of the fastest leveling you can do in D3.

Other than that, just remember to switch difficulty up to Nightmare after level 25 and then to hell after level 50.

Once you hit 60 in D3, start goldfarming!

Sadly the loot tables are not quite tuned in yet, so will need to hit the AH to gear up, if you decide to use this fast leveling method. Use my D3 AH guide for making gold. Once you are sufficiently geared up for Inferno difficulty, then focus on getting a full Nephalem Valor buff and do Warden and Butcher runs in Act 1 Inferno. I have previously written about getting easy Nephalem Valor buff, so be sure to use this for hitting a full Nephalem stack fast.

8 thoughts on “Leveling fast in Diablo 3 – update”

  1. You don’t have to “wait” for the guard to finish…as soon as you spawn, tap the spacebar to speed thru the dialog. I did that with all 20+ exp gear, and I went from 58-60 on hell in under an hour.

  2. patched, no longer working. now the guard stands in one place after talking and no way you can lure mobs to him on time.

    1. well, if you still get the rush of mobs, it is still a fast way to level….provided you can one-shot AOE them. You just need to gear up more. One-shotting thrash mobs should be doable if they are at your level.

  3. This has been nerfed unfortunately. The meteor spot has been repositioned and it is no longer possible to have it kill the mobs for you. Only if you can kill them by yourself this method is worth it

  4. I still find it beneficial to do this. At random times there is an enlightenment pier or a whole crap load of mobs on the deck above the stairs. At one point I filled half of my XP bar (level 48 – Hell) just by clearing all the monsters from this part. Then go do it again and hope the same amount is up there next load.

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