Boost your D3 gold and item inferno farming – easy Nephalem Valor buff

Use Nephalem Valor buff to improve your goldfarming strategies in Inferno

When you have reached level 60, you get access to the Nephalem Valor Buff in D3. Basically it is a huge boost to your gold and magic find, that you get by killing champions and elites. It lasts half an hour and can stack up to 5 times.

Easy ways to get Nephalem Valor buff

There are two ways to get the valor buff. One involves luck and might be a bug. However, it is not a gamebreaking bug, and few people know about it, so I don’t think it will hotfixed.

The other looks like it is actually a game mechanic….but I still it is something that could get patched along the way. With the problems Blizzard are having with Diablo 3, I don’t think they are in a hurry to patch this little bit of candy for the players.

Killing lifelinked packs for easy Nephalem valor buff

If you happen upon an elite pack that is lifelinked, you will receive a valor buff for each individual of the pack. So that is 3 easy valor there.

Killing act 1 cultists for easy Nephalem Valor

In act 1 you run in to cultists….lots of them! However, there are some that are especially interesting. Once in a while you run in to 3 cultists standing in circle around 1 cultist, chanting a summoning ritual. If they are allowed to finish, they summon in a demon by sacrificing the cultist in the middle.

You usually kill them before they finish their summoning, since they are quite squishy. However, if you allow them to finish, they actually summon a champion demon….that gives Nephalem valor!

How to use cultist Nephalem Valor for bot-like farming

Start the quest in Act 1 called “The Imprisoned Angel” and continue until you have killed The Warden and The Butcher. Remember to get a full 5 stack of Nephalem buff before you kill either of them. Killing elites and champions on the way, and of course the cultist demons, should easily net you a 5 stack buff. The Warden and The Butcher more or less have the same loot table, so always kill the Warden as well.

This takes you around 30 minutes, so you can easily fit in a couple of these in your normal farming time. Alternatively, you can finish off the entire act 1 with a full valor stack. Having such a huge boost to gold and magic find, should net you around 100-150k and 10-15 rares and takes 45 minutes.

So there you have it! Killing the Warden and the Butcher with a full, easy Nephalem Valor buff stack. Get farming, you lazy bum!

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