D3 secret cow level, or Whimsyshire, explained

How to get to Whimsyshire. The new secret cow level

Force Strategy on Youtube has a very well put together video up on how to get to Whimsyshire. You will need the items I have mentioned in my previous posts: Leoric’s Shinbone, Liquid Rainbow, Black Mushroom, Wirt’s Bell, and Gibbering Gemstone. Then you need the recipe, which you get from Izual, The betrayer, in Act 4. You make the staff at the Blacksmith and you enter Whimsyshire at a glowing red canyon at Old Tristram Road in Act 1.

At the time you can get all of this together, the mobs won’t be much of a problem. They are pretty much versions of the higher up difficulty. So if you enter in normal mode, they will have HP and hit like Nightmare difficulty mobs. This is also reflected in the loot and gold, so until you get to Inferno difficulty, it isn’t that great a place for farming items and gold. And when you hit Inferno difficulty Whimsyshire, you will have defeated Izual, The betrayer, because you need the recipe drop, so unless Blizzard really scales up the difficulty in Inferno Whimshyshire, you are better off farming for items and gold in Inferno Act 4.

No surprise there, but it does looks like a fun place to run around and quite a scenery change from the rest of Diablo 3.

8 thoughts on “D3 secret cow level, or Whimsyshire, explained”

      1. hello ! do someone knows if there some kind of cow-king or once i have the stuff i can really re-open it as i want without restriction ?
        remember : d2 cow-level, once the cow-king killed the “quest” was finished and you couldn’t open no more with the character …

  1. In the text it says its not useful for farming, but the clouds have a chance to drop a legendary/set items from that difficulty. Also, you can get the plans from a vendor for Nightmare Mode, Hell mode, and Inferno mode in act 3 which only require the previous staff to make, and for example a Hell mode staff can open up Normal or Nightmare mode Whimsyshire.

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