Leoric’s Shinbone and the best build for leveling in D3?

The best class for leveling in Diablo 3?

Well, finally got in and have played a nice session of 4-5 hours. I am not used to gaming for that long, so I need my breaks!

Got my monk up to level 13 and I must say that it is more or less easy-mode. Of course Blizzard have said, that normal difficulty is more of a tutorial to the game, so I have high hopes for the remaining levels. Anyway, right now it does feel like monk is easy to level and with the paladin follower heal specced, we are mowing everything down! I have always been a fan of survivability over damage, because you can’t level when you are dead. So I have gone for a debuffing, defensive monk build, that still does surprisingly high amounts of damage. It can go toe-to-toe with everything if you pay a bit of attention to your heals and your heal rotation.

The different builds you can do, and how weapons interact with your abilities are very interesting, and I am not worried at all, that we will only see cookie cutter builds at level 60. With all the different gear, runes, skills and followers we will see a lot of different valid builds.

No raiding means there is no best build for farming and leveling!

Seeing as max group size is 4 and the fact that there is no raiding with soft gear locks, you can spec as you wish. You don’t have to optimize your build to compensate for lack of knowledge or gear in an encounter, because with only 4 people those kinds of margins gained aren’t very impressive. If you have a raid of 25 people, where everyone improves their DPS or HPS by 4% through an optimized build, means it is almost like having an extra person on the raid. That makes a difference if you are going for new content. With only 4 people, it won’t really make a difference, so spec however you want to and to have fun.

Monk in D3
The best character/class for leveling?

I very much enjoy a high survivability monk with a heal-specced follower and that is the best build for leveling and the best build for farming for me.

Leoric’s shinbone and other easter eggs

Leoric’s shinbone is an ornament you can find in Leoric’s manor. It’s just a nice little piece of fluff you find in Leoric’s manor in the right chamber in the fireplace. It doesn’t do anything (to my knowledge), but I must admit, that my first thought was: “Bits and pieces of Leoric in a Horadric Cube = awesomeness!”. Some sort of super weapon would be nice.

D3 - Leoric's shinbone
Leoric's Shinbone from Diablo 3

Other than that, the banter between your followers is really well done and very enjoyable to overhear. I won’t spoil it here, but be sure to pay attention to them. There is also some banter, when you are idling, so don’t be too much in a hurry!

*update to Leoric’s shinbone* I recently wrote about Leoric’s Shinbone’s proper use: Leoric’s shinbone and the secret cowlevel

In other news today, Diablo on Inferno is on farm-status 5 days after launch. That’s pretty insane!

If you need gold, check out the Diablo3farming goldfarming guide or the D3 AH strategy guide.

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4 thoughts on “Leoric’s Shinbone and the best build for leveling in D3?”

  1. FYI, the leoric’s shinbone is one of the 5 ingredients to make the staff of herding. if u havent known about it already. The staff is a key to open a secret level.

    1. I have 2 extra LEGENDARY blacksmithing books of THE STAFF OF HERDING… I found a merchant selling them… since I was barely beginning I didn’t know what it was… so I bought 3… but you can only use one… and you can’t sell them…

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