diablo 3 Reaper of Souls (RoS) fast leveling guide – Get to 70 as fast as possible, solo & no exploits

Diablo 3 Reaper of souls fast leveling guide – solo, no patched glitches….only hard work!

(updated February 2015)

As you may or may not know, I have gotten back in to the game. So far it has been a pleasant experience only marred by an unstable Battle.net connection and low framerates…even on low settings?!

I still have my old characters, but I have decided to start a new character and class and start almost from scratch. So Caramon the Crusader is leveling his way up in the world (bonus points for getting the reference!).

But being the person I am, my mind soon started to wander to optimizing and in this case, optimizing leveling in RoS and doing it fast!

As such this a constantly evolving leveling guide for D3 RoS and will, hopefully, become your go to guide for fast leveling. So check back often!

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Diablo 3 Reaper of souls crusader build – Getting the most out of a casual ARPG?

Diablo 3 Reaper of souls crusader build – Getting the most out of a casual ARPG?

So….it has been a loooooongggg time coming, but I am getting back in the game.

A lot of things have happened, but now things are settling down, I have some spare time for the next foreseeable future and I would like to scratch my Diablo 3 itch, get back in writing and get in to video!

So expect more content and we are back in business!

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Reaper of Souls is the name of the new Diablo 3 expansion?

Reaper of Souls could very well be the name of the new D3 expac

Finally some news has started to trickle out about the new expansion. Blizzard recently registered a new page on Battle.net – Reaper of Souls.

When you look at the code for the page you find references to Diablo and if you look at the meta description when googling the site, you also find references to Diablo:

Google results for Reaper of Souls Diablo

When you Google Reaper of Souls, Battle.net pops up in first place and Diablo is mentioned as a trademark.

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Diablo 3 PVP blog released | The Angels cried….

…tears of rage and sadness.

Well, the PVP update is out, and I must say I am underwhelmed. I get that they have worked really, really hard on PVP and that they have been totally open about the whole process, but I must say….

Who am I kidding….I get the feeling they haven’t worked on PVP at all, they haven’t been open about anything, have kept their mouths shut for the last 2 months and the fact that Jay Wilson has not been able to finish his PVP blog is because everything related to Diablo 3 and Jay is a mess!

Let’s take a look at the D3 PVP blog, then….
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Apparently PVP blog is not coming soon

As I mentioned a week or so ago, the thundering silence from Blizzard might have been rooted in PVP and the fact that they were preparing to release a slew of PVP related blog posts, all based on a tweet by Jay Wilson: PVP blog is coming soon.

Like Blizzard did with 1.0.4, a release of a few blog articles about upcoming features could mean, that said patch was well on its way.

All that has changed, however.
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Diablo 3 PVP patch coming soon! | Monk changes and PVP in the same patch?!

Blizzard have been extremely quiet these last few weeks, with no news about patches or what they are working on in general. However, the thundering silence might have a reason, as Jay Wilson hinted on Twitter. And that reason is PVP!
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Elemental damage armor in Diablo 3

Continuing on with the elemental damage gear from my earlier post about elemental damage legendary weapons, this time we take a look at what armor pieces can be used to buff your character’s unseen DPS.

One thing is having a high DPS on your character sheet, another is what kind of DPS you are actually doing. Anyone can take a piece of gear and see whether their DPS gets higher or lower. If they are smart, they also look at how their defensive stats are affected, and if they are really smart, they look at their skills and playstyle before deciding on an upgrade. But then there is the unseen DPS, that isn’t mentioned anywhere. That’s what elemental damage is all about.
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Which monster power level to farm? | Speed is king

With the new monster power settings in patch 1.0.5, and the Keywardens of D3, and the ability to farm Hellfire Rings, the game difficulty has once again changed. Pretty much since launch, it has become easier to farm Inferno and that didn’t really change with patch 1.0.5. However, seeing as pre-1.0.5 Inferno is about as difficult as current MP3-4 Inferno, are you better off running a lower monster power setting or a higher if you are after maximum farming per hour?
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Highest DPS in North America

At this point in time, Diablo 3 has been soundly beaten by most of the players to various degrees. At this point in time, how players play the game is more of a question of what they want to do, and not so much a question of “are they even able to beat Diablo on Inferno”. Well, to be honest, being able to beat Diablo hasn’t been that much of an issue since he was beaten 1-2 weeks after launch.

However, now it is more a question of making the numbers bigger and doing stupid shit. Like this video showcasing a ridiculous amount of DPS against Azmodan.
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Diablo 3 expansion confirmed

In a recent Activision earnings call Mike Morhaime, Blizzard CEO extra-ordinaire, announced that there were plans of an expansion to Diablo 3.

This isn’t really a surprise, since Diablo 3 have sold 10 million units, so making an expansion is a no brainer.

There is no release date for the new expansion, except when it is done, although Mike Morhaime does word it a bit more diplomatic:”the quality of the expansion and its gameplay is the top priority, and both will be a “big factor” in driving the actual schedule of the release.”. Blizzard talk for “we release when it is done.”
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